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Terranigma: The Lost SNES Classic

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The final episode recorded under less than ideal circumstances (in taping order).

For the sixth time, we were honored with the chance to record a segment for the NWR Live Telethon for Child's Play. The donation box may have closed, but this year we managed to raise $6200 in support of a great cause: the children.

On this year's show, Donald, Stephen and Austen had all played or seen through most of the lost (to North Americans) SNES game Terranigma. Why didn't it cross from Europe? How many drinks did the translators have? Why is Bloody Mary such a...? All this and more await.

The remaining audio from the telethon - in which Donald had no less than three segments and a trainwreck - can be found at Nintendo World Report.

No Freetime Radio 102: The Calm Before The Trap

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Better late than never, just in time for the telethon.

New Business: Mario Odyssey + odds and ends (Donald), medical absence (Stephen), proving Donald right, Breath of the Wild, Hand of Fate 2, GameStop Trade Price Is Right (Austen)

Whatcha Watchin': pass (Donald), the sequel to Thor 2: The Dark World (Stephen), Spiderman Homecoming, The Boys: The Sherman Bros. Story and Your Name (Austen)

Feature discussion: Sony's Paris Games Week announcement of Guacamelee 2 and, uh, that's it

Back of the book: Sony going lootbox, Telltale layoffs, "EA, just... EA" (BEFORE BATTLEFRONT 2 BLEW UP), Lords of Thunder on Wii U, medical trauma, and Starcraft/Pokémon Olympic medals

But, Plugs: Donald's XONiC review, we're talking Terranigma on Saturday (guaranteed), new email, same Twitter

Recording date: November 12
Editor: Donald
So much for: Getting this out in November

Oops, we broke it

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So with the change to the show, we (and by we, we mean Donald) decided to change the web address and the feed address for the show. Forgetting of course, that such a move would kind of scramble things.

In the meantime, you can find 101 and episodes in the future via RSS:

No Freetime Radio 101: Hold My Beer

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And to think, it only gets worse from here.

New name, new email address, new show note format.

New Business: Fire Emblem Warriors (Donald), Final Fantasy 3 [The Good One] (Stephen), SNES classic hacking, adventure games, The Sexy Brutale, The Evil Within 2 (Austen)

Whatcha Watchin': pass (Donald), The My Little Pony Movie, Voltron (Stephen), Orville, Ducktales 2017 (Austen)

Feature discussion and episode namer: Calling out Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and five of the Big Six western publishers

Back of the book: Batman happiness, EA/Visceral, Stephen never asked for this, the worst people in gaming including a serial drunk groper

But, Plugs: Donald's Fire Emblem Warriors review, Donald will be on RFN 546 talking FEW and Odyssey, new email, same Twitter

Recording date: October 22
Editor: Donald
Please: Don't sue us, understand

Episode 100: Goodbye, Farewell and HOLD IT

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The only thing missing from this momentous episode is a Brass Bonanza.

Somehow, against all logic, we've reached 100 episodes of Nintendo Free Radio. So it's roundabout time for some changes. In New Business, it's a group chat as for Mushroom-related reasons all three members of the team snagged SNES Classics, and between them managed to play a full third of the lineup. Donald picks up with Culdcept Revolt on the 3DS, before Stephen tries his hand at virtual head formation and also busts out the Super Scope VR... er, the Farpoint controller. Austen's big ones for this episode are the last Microsoft published title not to be loot boxed to hell in Cuphead, and in time for Dishonored Halloween his return to the world of Dishonored 2.

Whatcha Watchin' serves as a nice summary of our collective tastes. Stephen brings the sci-fi with Seth MacFarlane's Orville, which should probably last a bit longer than every show Fox greenlit between cancelling and reinstating Family Guy. Austen goes superheroic with Best Picture nominee Wonder Woman, while Donald represents the anime faction with a few rounds of Code Geass.

The Feature discussion is two parts, as we are keeping the show going under a new name that you'll probably see on our Twitter account, before doing the traditional look back at some of the highs and lows of production. Even the Mushrooms have a theme, as traditional punching bags of trade shows, Square Enix and recent foe Amazon come around for a good pillorying along with the continued ineptitude of PlayStation Network (seventy bucks a year!).

We'll be back with you soon and will let you know when the email address change goes through, but for now we'll forward all the mail sent to the old address.

This podcast was recorded on October 2 and was edited by Donald Theriault.

Nintendo Free Radio 99: No Scorpions For You, Come Back Next Time

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After this month, we've fully banned "Rock You Like a Hurricane".

The Great One episode of Nintendo Free Radio has quite a bit packed into two and a half hours or so. In New Business, Stephen kept pecking away at the Monster Hunter Stories demo - did we mention this thing is LONG? - but we're not sure if he took the plunge. Maybe the Zelda DLC will help. Donald grabbed the demo for Project Octopath Traveler as well as the second good Metroid game of this decade (or ever) in Metroid: Samus Returns. Austen has some brief mentions including blatant Square selling out (because none of their games are) before dealing with the double main event of Life is Strange: Before the Storm episode 1 and the dreaded Knack 2. Thanks to the Nine Network for adding those bits to Donald's hard drive.

Whatcha Watchin' covers the Netflix Voltron season 3, with a pitstop at the end of modern Ninja Turtles, before Austen castigates bad casting in Batman v Harley Quinn and violates about twenty copyrights when he visits Big O. Billion dollar debts not included, but probable in that universe.

The Feature sort of got rolled into the Mushrooms as we encourage you to donate to a quality organization to help Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, which are still completely without power as of press time and has a member of the NWR fora living in the former. Also covered: The passing of The Brain, debates over the All-22 film, and Nintendo being Doomed this Christmas.

Some big changes are coming to the podcast after the next episode, so keep it locked to our Twitter feed for updates as well as to send suggestions for things to discuss on said episode. If you can't keep it to 14... sorry, 280 characters and need a bit more space to breathe, then drop us an email or leave it here. Either way, we want to hear from you one more time.

This podcast was recorded on September 17 and was edited by Donald Theriault.

Nintendo Free Radio 98: Cult County (With Apologies To Jools)

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We think they got out without needing deprogramming.

The latest edition of Nintendo Free Radio has a lot of cults involved in it. For New Business, Stephen covered off the Monster Hunter Stories demo, before Donald lept in with the Danganronpa V3 demo and after a brief stop in Gunvolt land (review available here) he wrapped by taking one for the team and injecting himself with Sonic Mania. Austen shows determination in going through spoiler-free on Undertale, but the same can't be said for Dave Bautista Presents Guardians of the Galaxy by Telltale. His closer is a bit of a deeper dive into FFXII: The Zodiac Age for his 150th Platinum.

Whatcha Watchin' is heavy on the reimaginings. Donald talks the recently released Death Note (Netflix US based crap version), while Stephen is catching up on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2010s). Austen's life might be in a hurricane right now, but before that he headed over to Duckburg to check out the new version of Ducktales before grinding for love in Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In Dungeons?.

After a quick Feature covering Gamescom and another recent news of import, it's off to the Mushrooms for some retail pillorying between the SNES Classic preorder gong show and Amazon messing with Prime on the worst possible day. Also touched on: Stephen's new transportation, and Disney World nerdery.

We're one episode away from 100, and because of Irma there's likely going to be an extra week+ of lead time for 99, so let us know if there's something you want us to discuss.

This podcast was recorded on August 27 and was edited by Donald Theriault.

Nintendo Free Radio 97: Slam Dunk Power Play

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An apt description of Pyre's game, if you add an equal sign.

A very brief summer doldrums edition of Nintendo Free Radio awaits this week as we don't even clear the two hour barrier. But it's packed with action. New Business is mostly Donald to start as he gives a quick Splatoon 2 update before rolling into Ever Oasis and Monster Hunter Stories's demo (full impressions here) as the 3DS lives despite some people's best efforts. Austen talks visual novel/NBA Jam hybrid Pyre - it'll make sense - and after some quick updates wraps the segment with permadeath faker Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

Whatcha' Watchin comes close to a Donald Sports-Ent Minute with GLOW (the 2017 Netflix show, not the promotion itself), before Austen runs wild on Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders and the first season of the groin-grabbingly popular anime My Hero Academia. Then it's straight into the Mushrooms as we call out Telltale, celebrate Kickstarters, and Donald transitions from on severance to on vacation. And for the record, Agents of Mayhem's review embargo was midnight Pacific time on the 15th (so after it launched), and the best price we've seen in the interim is $43.74 on WinGamesStore for the PC version.

Have something we can discuss to get back past 120 minutes? Drop us a line, either via email or the comments.

This podcast was recorded on August 13 and was edited by Donald Theriault.

Nintendo Free Radio 96: Eight Percent Or Bust

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You know Rock, that's a very good question you ask about the halfway mark.

We try to stay positive in this Nintendo Free Radio... well, two of us anyway. New Business opens as Stephen breaks the glass on lords management with League of Legends before a freshly-unemployed Donald debates applying to work at Grizzco in Splatoon 2. After some hardware impressions of what in a just world would be that hot Liquid Metal Slime 2DSXL, we get medieval (and other time periods) on Fate:Extella. Austen provides updates on Injustice 2 and Prey as well as the most insane of speedruns, while also chatting about Sundered.

Whatcha Watchin' gets real dark. Stephen brought Valerian while Donald and Austen tag team Castlevania and Donald didn't actually mind Rogue One. But Stephen brought the most horrifying film of the year, with an 8% rating on Metacritic that not even Langrisser could touch. We speak of course, of... The Emoji Movie.

The Feature tries to stay positive with the yearly countdown of games we're hyped for, though the team finds itself on the same wavelength for a long time. The Mushrooms pay tribute to titans of animation and figure out how to borrow when you're a third of a Gates in the hole, while Donald is so mad at the world he forgot to do the paper toss at the end.

The mailbox is barren - please to be filling it. And don't forget our @ replies, either.

This podcast was recorded on July 31 and was edited by Donald Theriault.

Nintendo Free Radio 95: Summer of Not So Fun

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Technical issues and Dragonites all up in this joint.

A lot has changed since we recorded the show, and just getting it together was a beast, but due to various circumstances it's another NFR out the door. Stephen opens New Business with some VR chat and wondering what the hell happened to Skype, before seguing into a doubleheader of Borderlands games. Donald goes from Worst Character to a candidate for Worst Game in Valkyria Revolution, then finds something more to his tastes with Tokyo Xanadu and FFXII: The Zodiac Age. (Given his username on a different, more prominent message board, this was basically inevitable.) Austen wraps up with Tokyo Mirage Sessions, then after a brief Crash landing hits noted May success story Injustice 2 and noted May bomba Prey (2017). Space lesbians not included, we saved those for the next segment.

Whatcha Watchin features a long superhero block, then moves into chat about Doctor Who's latest coin flip landing on tails for once. Finally, we wrap with the hilariously offensive Outlaw Star. As it was a slow news weeks, the Mushrooms replace the feature as we chat SNES Classic, getting stuck in Ohio, and mourn the death of a Hollywood legend.

The next episode (96) is already in the can and should be out soonish, but we would still love to know what you're excited for the rest of this year. Lists can be sent to the usual methods or left below.

This podcast was recorded on July 16 and was edited by Donald Theriault.

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