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No Freetime Radio 101: Hold My Beer

Posted on November 5th, 2017

And to think, it only gets worse from here.

New name, new email address, new show note format.

New Business: Fire Emblem Warriors (Donald), Final Fantasy 3 [The Good One] (Stephen), SNES classic hacking, adventure games, The Sexy Brutale, The Evil Within 2 (Austen)

Whatcha Watchin': pass (Donald), The My Little Pony Movie, Voltron (Stephen), Orville, Ducktales 2017 (Austen)

Feature discussion and episode namer: Calling out Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and five of the Big Six western publishers

Back of the book: Batman happiness, EA/Visceral, Stephen never asked for this, the worst people in gaming including a serial drunk groper

But, Plugs: Donald's Fire Emblem Warriors review, Donald will be on RFN 546 talking FEW and Odyssey, new email, same Twitter

Recording date: October 22
Editor: Donald
Please: Don't sue us, understand