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Nintendo Free Radio Special: PS4 - It Only Shares Polygons

Posted on March 20th, 2013

Better late than never, the Nintendo Free Radio team lives up to their name and tackles the Playstation 4 launch announcement!

In the proud tradition of WiiU, team NFR recorded a special episode shortly after the February 20 Sony press event. And neither snow, sleet, nor lack of an actual box will stop the madness. Will the sharing features carry the day, or is a PSKinect enough to shred the urge to buy the system? And will the lack of backwards compatibility prevent NFR's Playstation MVP from buying it? Answers to all of these questions, as well as the number of polygons in a soul (or at least a floating old guy's head), await on this NFR special.

This podcast was edited by Stephen Shook. All music contained within is used under Fair Use provisions.