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Nintendo Free Radio Episode 7: Restrain The Manbeam!

Posted on October 29th, 2012

It was all fun and games until someone mentioned Cho Aniki.

Nintendo Free Radio has returned to both entertain and horrify you before All Hallow's Eve. New Business  opens with Stephen's impression of the DSiWare Rouge-Like Anonymous Notes: From The Abyss, and finds it far less frustrating than last episode's FTL. Donald, hot off his Poke-show on RFN 311 (, chimes in with impressions straight out of 310 - 3DS eShop puzzler Pushmo  (or Pullblox, if you're European) and the PSP role-playing classic Persona 3 Portable  before teaming up with Austen to tag-team  the  two versions of Little King's Story  (Wii/Vita). Finally, Austen continues the combo with the rather disappointing Rez HD  before bringing it  home with Pendelton-free  impressions of Dishonored. Can Bethesda publish a  PS3 game that's  actually  playable on the system after a few hours?

After the chaos of Now Posted, settle in  for  an extended and animated Whatcha Been Watching  segment featuring Stephen's Beast Wars  as  well as Austen's anime doubleheader of Welcome to  the NHK and Hellsing Ultimate  (Crispin Freeman not  included) and impressions  of the pilot  of the new Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  cartoon. Donald brings things down with a sprint through ESPN's 9.79*  documentary,  part of the "30 for 30" series.

In lieu of a feature, Donald had two quick questions - the first one being a discussion of gender choice  in video games (Spoilers: EVERYBODY FEMSHEP!). Finally, Donald offers a thought experiment: With Wii Shop releases about to end, and with 100 points left  on his Wii, what does he need to get to end up with 0 points? ( Suggestions both serious and not-so-much are bandied about before someone hits the glass-covered big red button and fires man's ultimate weapon. The struggle is mighty, but they power through to the Mushrooms  featuring love for Disney classics now on BluRay, SQL clubs, and as disappointment as well in people not performing their civic duty.

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