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Nintendo Free Radio Episode 4: Something Something Something Something Nini Bong (Enhanced)

Posted on September 12th, 2012

Transform and Rollout: Not just for Mew anymore

Dare to believe that NFR has survived to return for episode 4, as Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave Austen, Donald and Stephen take you on a journey through their latest round of gaming adventures. Stephen leads off New Business with the Recommended-for-Kairon dating sim visual novel Sprung, notable for being a DS launch title and getting snake eyes in EGM, which is somehow comparable to Phoenix Wright? Stephen continues with the PS2 version of Culdecpt (recently released in Japan on 3DS, coming out in America half past never) before finishing with the most unusual "game" in history: a time-travelling Microsoft Office training program starring the infamous Clippy.  Is it a long-lost Super Solvers classic, or should it belong in the edutainment trash bin next to Mario's Time Machine?

Donald attempts to bring sanity to the proceedings with a collection of games that would make Ian Dury happy: "Sex" (or the lack thereof) in Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky; "Rock and Roll" (along with several other genres) in the XBLA rhythm game Rock Band Blitz (thus continuing our 4 episode-long string of rhythm games); and on "Drugs" is how he feeled while playing NWR's Game of the Decade Metroid Prime (via Metroid Prime Trilogy).

Austen then summons his pale horse for the genre-mashing Darksiders 2; brings us closer to the Matrix with Transformers:  Fall of Cybertron (a game that truly lights that franchise's darkest hour); and wraps up with further observations from the Vita-outselling (though at only 40,000 copies that's not saying much...) The Last Story, which takes a turn for the Assassin's Creed rather unexpectedly along with elements of...Quest 64? Well, the law of averages dictates that something would eventually.  In what other game can you receive a bag of money just for sitting on a bench one minute; a moment later learn to swim with the use of magic frogs; and then later watch with glee as your generic, spiky-haired swordsman charges head-first at an all-powerful villain (seriously, why do they DO that?) just to be swatted away?

After the return of Now Postal Now Posted, Whatcha Been Watching has a little bit of everything. Stephen has a spot of tea while visiting the friendly Doctor Who, a touch of reality TV with the ultra-sugary Cake Boss, and LARPing with the Dungeons and Dragons-inspired Journey Quest. Donald has a report from the biggest TV party of the week - The Price is Right 40th Anniversary Special, and Austen shows his animated side with the first season/collection Blu-rays of Transformers: Prime (Hey, North American animation!) and Persona 4: The Animation (apparently Yu Narukami Charlie's a jerk now that he's been given a personality and spoken dialogue.  Who knew?)

A staggering Listener Mail shortage and the Persona 4 discussion leads to this week's Feature Discussion on reinvention and iteration. Is there a time to do it right? Or basically, do you want Castlevania II or III? As usual, the 1Up/Poison Mushrooms wrap it up with discussion of issues like Zen Pinball 2's table install problems on PS3/Vita, the rows of black cats that apparently run past Platinum Games' headquarters every day, and how the enhanced versions of this show are getting out faster than usual.

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