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Nintendo Free Radio Episode 16: The First Rule of NFR

Posted on May 22nd, 2013

... is that any Virtual Console discussion is too much

After a heavy round of news, Nintendo Free Radio is back on the air and ready to pour hot gaming knowledge into your brains. A somewhat abbreviated New Business features Donald tackling two major 2011 games that could not be more different from each other - From Software's vicious RPG/masochism simulator Dark Souls (now without online trolls) and one of the original 3DS killer apps, Super Mario 3D Land. After that, it's a tag team match as Stephen and Austen form a parejas incredible to deal with the explorative platforming action of Guacamelee, both PS3 and Vita versions. Austen wraps with a game that attempts to do to the gaming industry what Airplane! did for disaster movies - does Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard reach its lofty goal, or do we have a Seltzer/Friedberg film on the horizon?

In Whatcha Watchin', the theme this week is superheroes, as Austen and Stephen explore Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Ultimate Spider-Man, while Donald investigates the financial troubles of the Fantastic Four in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy. Look for cameos from the Lannisters, Transformers Prime and Swamp Loggers as well.

The Feature Discussion originally was going to be a recap of the April 17 Nintendo Direct, but one announcement sent the segment spiraling into discussion of the merits of Earthbound and a look at the status of the WiiU after its fifth NPDs (note: This show was recorded before the Nintendo financials and announcement of their non-traditional E3 presentation). We bring it home with Mushrooms ranging from concerts to the end of droughts to the end of an American institution.

We still want to hear from you - who's going to be proven totally wrong about Earthbound? Send your predictions and anything else you want us to tackle to or even leave them in the comments here. Until next time, say... FUZZY PICKLES!!

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