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Nintendo Free Radio Episode 10.5: End of the Year Nerdtacularl

Posted on December 23rd, 2012

Does not come with Midnight Brown's "Too Hot"

The Nintendo Free Radio team has gathered around the Internet's open fire to roast chestnuts and the rest of the year in gaming. The personal Game of the Year segment leads off, as Donald, Stephen, and Austen count down their top 5 games of the year with some choices both obvious and not. Did anyone agree with the VGAs? How many of these games are actually available at retail? Will a rhythm game be in someone's top 5... or everyone's?

After a dramatic (in more ways than one) Now Posted segment, the (blank) of the Year segment somehow manages to include Sony hatred, WiiU discussion, Bethesda/Sega jokes, and February 2013 references. In other words, it's every NFR episode ever. There's also discussion of disappointments, underrated games and the best game(s) that the hosts didn't play.

After a quick break, it's a look ahead to 2013 as everyone evaluates the state of their Lindemann Syndrome for what they missed in 2012, and some predictions for 2013. They were supposed to be quick, but, well, you know. Finally, a quick Whatcha Watchin In Review and resolutions end the year on an entertainment note. We encourage you to mock us in a year.

As we look into 2013, we want to know what you think. Is there something blatant we missed for GOTY? What should Donald watch? How awesome is Stephen's editing? (So awesome.) Send your feedback to or to the hosts on Twitter (@DonaldMick, @cericme and @broodwars64). The show returns in 2013, but until then, keep on keeping on!

This show was edited by Stephen Shook. All music used under fair use protection.

Some quick Editor Notes due to holiday time constraints and other factors I have chosen to cut this episode behind the scenes style.  To that effect I left different important Sausage making into the episode. In other words the stingers that made it you can hear when they naturally occur.  Plus how we sync if your interested.  I'm interested to hear how everyone opinion of the rawer take.  I hope you enjoy the episode.  Next episode will be cut in the normal style and quality everyone has come to expect.