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Nintendo Free Radio 70: An Open World RPG That Works

Posted on December 14th, 2015

Offer not guaranteed if your hard drive is screwed

Judging from the title, you can probably guess one of the main topics of conversation in this episode, but we've got some important warmup acts. Austen opens New Business with the fourth most important game to release on November 10 - noted bomba and reason for executive canning Rise of the Tomb Raider. He didn't pay full price, but Austen's none too thrilled with his purchase. In terms of things he did enjoyed, there's the follow up to March's masochism simulator Bloodborne with the Old Hunters expansion. Stephen got a little FF Type-0 HD in - for $20, so Donald can put it on the board - and then got ready for adventure with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Finally, Donald drops sixty five hours of perspective on Xenoblade Chronicles X, though that conversation will probably come back around next episode.

Whatcha Watchin has a brief bit of Angelic Layer from Austen, then a mutual discussion of Doctor Who, the superhero show segment headed up by the dreaded Netflix queue's Jessica Jones, before Stephen finds the Seven Deadly Sins are missing at least two of those features. Donald has a brief mention here in between Xeno-sessions.

The Feature was fortuitously provided by a week's delay in recording, as we cover The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience. Also, we didn't bother providing the Pokémon in this episode as, well, things got a little salty after a PR statement was read into the record. The Mushrooms cover a case of Konami not being preceded by an F-word, the joys of home construction and more Valkyria Chronicles. Now, if the PS3 version would just come out digitally...

Next episode is the end of the year spectacular, and we want to hear from you! Send your top 5 games (all platforms eligible) or any awards you'd like us to hand out to the usual spots, or just drop them below. Also, if you missed our performance on the NWR Live Telethon for Child's Play, check it out - unfortunately, you've given Donald a get out of jail free card on Skyward Sword should he choose to use it. Until next time, Genei Ibunroku did it right.

This podcast was recorded on December 6 and was edited by Donald Theriault.