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Nintendo Free Radio 69: The Most Dangerous Game

Posted on December 3rd, 2015

Might as well get the jokes out of your system.

Apologies for the late show, but something came up for the editor. The fun begins in this funny-numbered episode with New Business that has a heavy November 10 focus. Stephen has Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void as the trilogy in five parts continues, and also discusses the (now funded) Indivisible, back when that sort of thing was in doubt. Donald got in some Yo-Kai Watch and a quick Stella Glow update, but the main game(s) are the various versions of Rodea the Sky Soldier from the November 10 brigade. Austen talks the odd RPGs in the form of Ar No Surge+, and finishes with the last November 10 title Superbeat Xonic.

Whatcha Watchin' opens with a Parasyte and superhero updates (Supergirl, Flash... and the BluRay of Justice League Unlimited), then Austen brings it home with Constantine - which isn't a superhero show - the Peanuts Movie, and Danganronpa: The Animation.

A special double Feature deals first with a bunch of Activision news, including another frickin' cinematic universe before we play the most lethal game of all: Skylander or King Game? Then, Donald tries to defend the indefensible (which he also did in written form) by way of Cloud hitting Smash in the last Nintendo Direct... but who cares, THERE'S TWO DRAGON QUESTS COMING!!! Finally, the Mushrooms wrap it up with a callout of hypocrisy, a deal gone awry and Stephen's beating an important goal.

We'll be talking about Xenoblade Chronicles X among other things on the next show, but you can read Donald's NWR review or check out his video discussion with NWR director Neal Ronaghan. But we need a favor from you - the 6th annual NWR telethon for Child's Play is coming up, and we're later than usual this year. If you want to hear us talking about Splatoon and what could come up with Nintendo's future IPs, get to donating! It's for the kids! And if we break the NWR telethon record ($7250), Donald will play one of the most controversial games in Nintendo history to completion. He didn't suffer Majora's Mask last year, so how about some Skyward Sword?

This podcast was recorded on November 15 and was edited by Donald Theriault.