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Nintendo Free Radio 67: Negotiating In Bad Faith

Posted on October 27th, 2015

Nice little store of money you got there. Pray we don't alter it any further.

As the game season winds up - or in some cases, down - Nintendo Free Radio brings a bit of calm in a sea of insanity. Stephen kicks off New Business with Planetary Annihilation, a 2014 real time strategy game in which the end game only involves blowing up planets sometimes, before providing a look at Star Wars Battlefront's beta and yet another frickin' Hoth stage. Donald is next with a beta of his own for The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, which went... poorly. Following a quick trip to the diamond with MLB 15 The Show's Vita version that you can actually take out to the ball game, the team hunts down snacks of various kinds in Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash. Austen has a quick preview of Yoshi's Woolly World before hammering down on Transformers Devestation, the most expensive bargain game in the history of man, and 2014 indie puzzler (now on PS4) The Talos Principle.

Whatcha Watchin
' is a return to the superhero brigade with updates on The Flash, Arrow and Agents of Shield, then it gets into the oddball anime territory. Stephen watched the eternally long-named Is It OK To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon, and Austen has the combative Selector Infector Wixoss and the... unusual Outbreak Company.

The Feature actually was recorded separately in the event of a potential Direct before everyone forgot about quiet periods – but there was still some news to talk about. A potential hostile takeover of Ubisoft by a company who's even worse, microtransactions in $60+ games and a now somewhat out-of-date set of Paris Games Week predictions for Sony hit the board. Then comes the Mushrooms, in which people suffer for charity, customer service works and something Austen and Sony related breaks. Take a drink.

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This podcast was recorded on October 18, with a portion on October 22, and was edited by Donald Theriault. The podcast also contains a live posterization: see if you can find it!