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Nintendo Free Radio 65: Automatic Despair Men

Posted on September 21st, 2015

One game makes you dread humanity. The other game is a Danganronpa.

The fall release season is in full swing, and Nintendo Free Radio has some choice cuts from the busy month of September for you. To kick off New Business, Donald has a Labour Day duo of LBX: Little Battlers eXperience, the review title that he ended up buying on his own ANYWAY, and follows it up by staring into the depths of the Bowhemoth in 13AMGames indie hit Runbow (Wii U). But of course, if you want to talk platforming on the Wii U, you play Super Mario Maker, and Donald actually managed to create a level that may not create a vacuum! (Hit it up at 6BDE-0000-002F-E5F9). Stephen keeps the platforming going with a couple of PS+ freebies in Sound Shapes and Grow Home, then Austen snags the other platformer of Mario Maker's release week with Tearaway Unfolded. Finally, the segment ends with a discussion of Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls that touches on some pretty messy subjects, so be prepared to skip ahead to about 1:14:30 to avoid them.

A brief Whatcha Watchin has a distinct sci-fi animated bent, as Stephen watched The Awesomes and Austen hit up some Star Wars: Rebels (clumsy random blasters not included). Then it's Lightning Round time as the news includes Pikmin, Pokemon Go, a strange week at Capcom and a TGS preview (note the recording date). Finally, there's a double Poison and a double 1up in the Mushrooms that proves that playing tropes straight is for chumps.

The releases aren't going to slow down, but we want to know what you want from the show as well, so drop a comment below, leave us an email or tweet @nfrpodcast. Be sure to check out the NWR forum Mario Maker thread for more insanity as well.

This podcast was recorded on September 13 and was edited by Donald Theriault. All music/clips used for purposes of news discussion. Donald got points for two predictions during the editing process.

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