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Nintendo Free Radio 61: In Memoriam

Posted on August 23rd, 2015

We wanted to do this one right.

EDIT: We REALLY wanted to do this one right: the original version of this episode had a major audio issue with the intermission song, so we've replaced that version with a new version that has the music fixed & an extra Iwata clip at the end for good measure (for the sake of maintaining existing download links, it has the same name). Audacity lives to screw up edits. Please Understand.

A combination of factors conspired to create a delay in posting this episode, but we wanted to make sure it got the treatment it deserved. This episode was the first one recorded after the passing of Satoru Iwata, so we spend the first part discussing the life of the late Nintendo president and where things go from here. Following that, an abbreviated New Business covers off Splatoon's last pre-update Splatfest, Tales of Graces f, and a collection of games including a unique puzzle game, DLC and walking simulators.

Whatcha Watchin' deals with Food Fighters, the last comic book movie for a while (as Donald rejoices) in Ant-Man, and a couple of interesting animes in Noragami and K. Some of those are actually safe for work.

Our Feature discussion was timed to the fact that this was going to be our third anniversary show based on a normal release schedule, so as usual we board the hype train for a look at the games we're excited for the rest of the year. Some have come out, some have hit their embargoes, and Donald may have picked games for dead systems in protest. There's also a brief bit of Listener Mail, though it is kind of hard to come up with a game that hasn't been remade. In the Mushrooms, it's Devil's Third drama, a curious missing feature, and a whole load of positive news from... Sega?

Thanks for listening, and we'll be getting caught up over the next few weeks. Be sure to check out Donald's appearances on the Player One Podcast and see him every week on Nintendo News Report, including a special Iwata tribute show in which James Jones sports a suit. (Well, most of one.)

This episode was recorded on July 19 and edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. All music/clips used under fair use and for context.