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Nintendo Free Radio 51: A Wizard Did It

Posted on February 5th, 2015

Double the Editors Means Double the Power

We're very unlucky to have four+ hour recordings, but that’s nothing 50 hours  in the editing room can’t fix (the resulting mental breakdowns are a different story)!  Stephen had a light New Business due to illness, but he and Donald team up to get wiped out by the Brock Lesnar of Japanese monsters Gore Magala in the demo for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Donald makes up for the game content by needing a revocation of his Citizens of Earth experience until a patch, so he called up a lawyer for Phoenix Wright Trilogy on 3DS. After that, the grand New Year's resolution begins with very early impressions of Tales of Symphonia HD. Austen has a double remake of his own with Resident Evil HD (PS4 which evolved from some system we don't talk about which evolved from PS1) before finally getting Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII out of his system. It's a complicated game, so it gets a good while.

Following that is the strangest Now Posted ever, and that's saying something. Listener discretion is advised.

In Whatcha Watchin', Stephen was able to recover from a nasty flu to attend the Nashville The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess concert and have a disturbing meeting with one of NWR's finest, before plowing through a lot of Fairy Tail, Parks & Recreation and the latest example of comic oversaturation, Marvel’s Agent Carter. Austen got a little TNT on with The Librarians and also tackled Log Horizon, which is basically Sword Art Online without the squick. In the interest of time, Donald had to keep it quick, but he did finish Cowboy Bebop and thanks to a Netflix miracle, saw the movie that nearly spawned M*A*S*H II, The Interview.

It's a very rare triple Feature, as discussion of the January 14 Nintendo Direct began a week of Nintendo trolling that also included the mercy killing of Club Nintendo, before a countdown of the group's Top 5 Games of 2015 that could have easily gone to 10 or even 20. The Mushrooms star the flu and international finance, but Austen can't hear the complaints over the dulcet tones of Liberi Fatali playing in his head.

We'd love to get some listener questions for the next show, so drop them below or send an email to or tweet them @NFRPodcast. Also, be sure to check out Donald pontificating about the Greatest Tank Battles on Connectivity 165 (, or check out Pocket Console ( for a massive 3DS-focused Direct writeup, Monster Hunter demo impressions, and a review of 3D After Burner II!

This podcast was recorded on January 24 and edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. All clips and music copyright their respective owners. Insect Glaive users are nuts.


Box in Lightning Returns with the Kingdom Hearts Insignia on It: