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Nintendo Free Radio 34: Paws Nails Whatcha Watchin’

Posted on April 18th, 2014

Neither length of episode nor PC near-death experience can stop this episode from launching!

For this episode, we have made two pieces of history. The first is that we have a guest from outside the NWR family, as RPGamer forum admin/RPGCast regular Anna Marie Privitere lent several hours of her time to talk shop with us, and the second is that the editor nearly split the show in two until the final product wouldn't set a record for longest episode ever.

First up, it's all New Business led off by Anna's look back at the alchemic action of Atelier Meruru (you can see her entire playthrough here) and finds out if they passed Soul Society in the DS tactical RPG Bleach: The 3rd Phantom. Austen picks up the RPG torch with early impressions of Final Fantasy X HD and the multi-ethnic group action of Infamous: Second Son. Stephen goes to the wall for impressions of Pokemon Battle Trozei, a game so addictive it literally kept Donald up all night, before clicking into Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and infecting parts of the rest of the show. Finally, Donald proves that even shonen soccer has crap officiating in Inazuma Eleven (3DS), before dropping a truth bomb (and making a business deal) on Yoshi's New Island.

For the second half of the show, it's everything else's time to shine. Anna opens with the Lifetime comedy Drop Dead Diva, which somehow manages to combine 2014's Whatcha Watchin' into one show, and also watched some Bleach to follow up from earlier. Donald engaged in time travel with a wrapup of Steins;Gate, while Austen finished off his Robotics;Notes from 32 and managed to squeeze in the entire run of Veronica Mars including the Kickstarted movie. Stephen finishes with another selection from his haunted Netflix queue, bring Sword Art Online from the land of the Magic Waifu before a discussion of Captain America: Winter Soldier dives headfirst into a discussion of the role of movies in the Marvel universe.

For the Feature Discussion, there is an extended look at recent statements made by SquareEnix on the nature of their business going forward (source article translation: along with some information on the difficulty of getting niche titles on Virtual Console from someone who is asked about it quite frequently. An extra-large order of Mushrooms finishes the show as Atlus, EA, Blizzard, and frequent punching bags Sony all get rapidly fired at.

The plan for next episode is to catch up on some Listener Mail, so would you kindly drop us a line to or leave a comment here? You can also find Anna most weeks on the RPGCast or streaming RPGs - follow her on Twitter @amprivitere for updates on her streaming schedule.

This podcast was edited by Donald Theriault. All music contained is used for discussion context under fair use protection. Yoshi's New Island went for $18 USD.

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