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Nintendo Free Radio 29: Bovine University

Posted on January 22nd, 2014

 Listener discretion is advised. This episode may not be safe for your sanity.

Hot off a holiday break and fresh from "The Happiest Petri Dish on Earth", it's Nintendo Free Radio's first recorded episode of 2014. And we have a big release right out of the hopper in New Business, as Donald recounts his experience with Disaster: Day of Crisis before heading into his comfort zone with the demo for Square/Nintendo's upcoming life-destroying RPG Bravely Default. Stephen had some more time to play over the holidays, so his card is filled with Pac-Man's Ghostly Adventure (bad cartoon opening warning), the closest thing you'll ever see to F-Zero in this decade with the Vita's Wipeout 2048, and gets his platforming  on with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. A side discussion of DGOTY Super Mario 3D World is also there, with a stunning character reveal. Austen brings it home with final thoughts on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, the PSP (yes, they still make those) visual novel Sweet Fuse... and a game so horrible and awful it had Donald spamming the "drop cow" button. We're not going to spoil it here except to say it has come up on extremely early episodes of the show and never fails to bring the house down. Or in this case, the beef.

Whatcha Watchin'  is pretty packed for just a 2/3 activity rate, as Stephen gets his explosion on in Mythbusters, updates us on life in the bakery with Cake Boss and goes north of the border with Lost Girl. Austen, ever the Disney fan, looks at a fanciful version of the development of a Disney classic with Saving Mr Banks, gets some OK advice from an unlikely source for Pushing Daisies and finishes in an elementary fashion with British import Sherlock (no major S3 spoilers, but 1-2 are fair game.)

With a new year comes the need to clear out the inbox, and so we have some Listener Mail. First is a listener who you may know from the telethon, Donald knows personally, and who could one day become our Tony Reali. As well, we play Gaming Hot Stove in this apparent off-season for releases and send games to developers who might treat them right. Finally, the Mushrooms feature love for a key video feature and a hack for avoiding massive photography charges should you ever have to go to the aforementioned petri dish.

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