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Nintendo Free Radio 28: The Matter of Shook v Random Number God

Posted on December 21st, 2013

(What's the deal with Sand Guys wearing speedos, anyway? Fix this)

So you might have heard that some games actually came out recently, and of course Nintendo Free Radio has returned to discuss EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Stephen fires the opening New Business salvo with the newest adventure/octopus collection game, The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds. Is it more Link to the Past or Majora's... Wand of Gameleon? On the November 22 tip, Donald chooses to lead with the other big Nintendo release that racked up critical acclaim, Super Mario 3D World - truly the perfect capper for this Year of Luigi. Austen, sick of the Nintendo love-in, discusses the creative 3D Vita platformer Tearaway and the PS4 version of Assassin's Creed IV - as well as a shocking, big money purchase that will blow your mind.

Following up from an extra large, action packed Now Posted, Whatcha Watchin' starts with a historic look back at the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and the cyborg action of Fox's Almost Human from Stephen. Donald gets GROOVY~ with the best thing to ever come out of Earthworm Jim, and Austen watched #VGX and lived to tell the tale. We don't know why either.

After much debate on its release date, release, and teasing of its discussion, the crew finally gets around to talking about Earthbound in the Feature Discussion. When you've got a writer of the most redundant strategy guide in history, a person who doesn't like being nagged about his playtime and someone who spent most of the game getting raked over the coals by the RNG, the fur and threats against developers will fly. In the Mushrooms, we talk scheduling, bad Youtube videos, and Donald quotes noted modern philosopher Phil Brooks.

Due to host travel and general timing, our next recording will be the 2013 Game of the Year show - and we definitely want to hear from you! Send your top 5 lists of games that released in your region to to have them used on the show. Also, that show will feature something historic - but nobody will be Regulating. (We leave that to the big show.)

This show was edited by Austen Parkin. All music used is under Fair Use protection. Say Fuzzy Pickles!