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Nintendo Free Radio 2013 In Review: Critical Countdown Conundrum

Posted on January 11th, 2014

Team NFR counts down their top 5 games of 2013, and other bits of history! 

The moment you've all been waiting for a whole year has arrived It's time for the real lists of Game of the Year!  Accept no low Calorie substitutes.  Surely you'll find something to agree with as Donald, Austen, and Stephen get together over the holidays - literally, for the first two - and record a glowing tribute to their favorite games of the year. Did Austen's list have a game not on a Sony platform on it? Why did Donald bring a lightsaber to the recording? How is babby formed? Did Stephen give a #1 this time? WAS THIS THE REAL REASON FOR THE POLAR VORTEX?  Most of those questions are answered early and then we couldn't help ourselves  and went Beyond the Top 5. 

The second segment keeps the traditional order, but with an end-of-year twist as the group gives Whatcha Watchin' the top 5 treatment. Be amazed at what movie ranks ahead of a Peter Jackson epic. In the Feature slot, we mock and discuss our own Predictions for 2013 and stick our necks on the line for 2014. Finally, the Mushrooms round out the year on an odd note with eShops crashing and a free drink for those playing the NFR drinking game. 

2014 is on its way, and we arrogate what you puny fleshlin... I mean Listeners want us to talk about in this new 2014 NFR Reign - so send your listener mail to or leave it right here.

This show was edited by Austen Parkin. All music used is under Fair Use Protection. And go buy the Frozen Soundtrack before we're forced to sic the Mattricks on you!