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NFR Special: The Start Tank

Posted on November 11th, 2014

When left to their own devices, Nintendo Free Radio can sometimes make magic. This is one of those days.

For the third year in a row, we were proud to do it live for the kids. Our original concept was to check out a few Kickstarters and see if they would be worth backing, with the help of Robert Boyd of Zeboyd Games, a Kickstarter veteran and observer.

The best laid plans went astray, and we only got to do one of them. But that's fine, since the questions asked provided enough information that you can be more informed when looking at these projects on your own.

As of press time, we've raised $6,135 for Child's Play, and there's still time to donate if you're seeing this before November 15. And Donald's thrown out a stretch goal beyond what's on the page, so GET DONATING if you haven't already!

Special thanks to Karl Castenada for getting this show out so quickly. We are presenting the show as it was heard live, which includes Skype being itself.