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NFR 2014 In Review: What Kind Of Year Has It Been

Posted on December 24th, 2014

Ringing in the New Year and Holiday Cheer with Games Near and Dear

The last minute games are under the tree, the hosts are scattered to the four winds, and we leave 2014 with a collection of the best - and worst - in gaming and other televised entertainment. As always, the year-ender starts with a countdown of each host's top 5 games of the year. Did Austen put a Nintendo game in his list? Could Donald have a top 10 list without a Pokemon RPG? What in tarnation did Stephen pick? (Hint: One of his games is confirmed on sale during Christmas.) After the countdown comes some other awards, ranging from the Cluster-*ditto* Of The Year to Best Re-Game and more.

After that, we run the countdown back to 3 and tackle the year in Whatcha Watchin', which is probably the most predictable list of the night. After a brief bit of podcast year-in-review, we look back at the predictions we made on the last show and continue to live up to the guarantee: All predictions wrong or your money back. Finally, we predict our 2015 GOTYs as a lead-in to a massive prediction segment - you know it's big when even Donald is in double digits for his prediction count.

This will wrap up the year in Nintendo Free Radio, but we can proudly announce that our most prominent blank will be filled in New Year's Day, as the long-lost Episode 37 will be released. See why it's the nexus of the show in general. Also, next time we have a new episode, for our dramatic episode 50 we will be watching a movie that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, In honor of the 25th anniversary of what it was made for... THE WIZARD. We hope you'll join us as we poison the well on the movie too hot for Box Office Poison.

This podcast was recorded on December 14 and edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. All clips used under fair use provisions.