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Status Update And Telethon Reminder

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For the 5th time Nintendo Free Radio will be participating in the annual NWR Live Podcast Telethon for Child's Play. But on October 15th, we're one of the last segments. And we need your help.

Head on over to the page at Nintendo World Report, and we + Anna can do it live for the kids!

Also, a brief note on the timing of the next episode recording.

Red Velvet $5000 You want to make that happen.

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@crosstawk: @DonaldMick $5000. If we go $1000 over our goal, I will divulge the entirety of the infamous Red Velvet story on the final segment.
To elaborate, this is what will happen:

Upon reaching $5000, which is $1000 more than our 100% goal, I will release the URL of the "lost" drunkcast from PAX East 2011 which, up until now, has only been circulated among the NWR staff for our own amusement. This podcast is the origin of the term "Red Velvet" and has the original telling of the accompanying story, along with the reactions of the rest of the crew as I tell it.

This is actually a way better deal for you guys since, in addition to hearing the original telling of Red Velvet, you'll hear an additional hour of other drunkcast stories, including musings on:

- The firing of Tim Rogers - The origin of our poutine obsession - Many many fancy beers (this episode doubles as an unofficial Rough Draught) - Using a toilet in Zero-G - Noise complaints from the hotel management - Machete mishaps - Drunk rambles from Lindy, Neal, Jonny, Mike Gamin, Lauren, Mike Sklens and, of course, myself.

So start pushing those donations! The minute we hit $5K, I'll release the URL into the chat. It's already hosted and ready, so all we need is the cash.

---- Karl Castaneda
There you have it.  Lest make this happen.  We'll even talk about it on the Podcast

Radio Free Nintendo Child’s Play Telethon

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Straight from the Dr. Metts himself.  Without further Ado Information on the Child's Play Radio Free Nintendo Charity Telethon that we'll be participating in.
We're back with another mega-podcast for charity, all performed live with many opportunities to interact with the NWR crew and our special guests. Please consider supporting this event with a generous donation to Child's Play -- all money goes directly to the charity (all we do is track it through a service recommended by Child's Play). When certain amounts are reached, we'll unlock another hour of exciting live content! Check out the incredible results of the previous editions of this event -- in 2010 and 2011.

JIGGAWHAT: An epic Nintendo/gaming-themed live audio "podcast" telethon

JIGGAWHY: To support Child's Play, a charity that provides toys and games to sick kids

JIGGAWHO: Nintendo World Report staff, special guests, and you!

JIGGAWHEN: Saturday, November 10, 12:00pm (Noon) Eastern until...?

JIGGAWHERE: Right here. (NFR Note, We'll try to put the stream on our site but no promises.)

JIGGAHOW: Magic of the Internet

Here at Nintendo World Report, we've long been supporters of Child's Play, the fantastic charity that provides toys and games to hospitalized kids. If you're not familiar with Child's Play, check out the official website and listen to Jonny's RFN Special interview with Mike Krahulik, co-founder of the charity (and Penny Arcade), way back in 2007. So, when our old friend Karl Castaneda brought us an idea for doing a special, live-streaming podcast to support Child's Play, we got excited. Not only can we do things live that don't make sense in a recorded show, like real-time listener interaction, but the lack of editing means there are fewer constraints on how long the show can run. Then we thought... why not do it telethon-style, all day long? It's been a great success so far, and this year we're hoping to raise more money than ever for this excellent charity!

***If you are new to NWR podcasts, please be advised that the show contains explicit language. We're doin' it for the kids, but the show itself is for grown-ups.***

Content Program and Fundraising Goals

(Note: Schedule and guests are subject to change before and even during the event. Each hour of content will be unlocked when the corresponding donation goal is met. Fundraising goals are totals; i.e. all previous donations are counted toward the amount.)

12:00 EST - Wii U Hype Train (Free)

1:00 EST - A Decade of NWR's Game of the Decade: Metroid Prime feat. Weekend Confirmed's Garnett Lee ($500)

2:00 EST - The Eurocast: It Came from Across the Sea ($1000)

3:00 EST - Radio Trivia Live -- name that game music to win prizes! ($1500)

4:00 EST - NWR Connectivity presents Who Wants to Be a Nintendoaire? ($2000)

5:00 EST - The Famicast: Live from Japan feat. 8-4 Play ($2500)

5:00 CST/6:00 EST/7:00 CDT - Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me w/ Nintendo Free Radio and Player One Podcast's CJ and Phil ($3000)

7:00 EST - My Favorite Nintendo Game -- An Interactive Roundtable ($3500)

8:00 EST - Shenanigans w/ your live calls! ($4000)

Special guests include:

  • 8-4 Play's Mark McDonald, JJ Epperson, and Brenden Pritchard
  • Player One Podcast's Chris Johnston and Phil Theobald
  • Craig Harris (formerly of IGN's Nintendo Voice Chat) ...and more announcements to come!

We will make every effort to obtain a clean recording of this live event, but due to the complex technical nature of doing so, we cannot guarantee a recording will be available later. Please plan to attend the event live if you want to be sure!

Prize List for Trivia Winners (Pick your prize! We'll ship anywhere! No donation required to win.)


Check back soon for more gaming swag to be given away during the event!


Check back soon for more games to be given away during the event!

Ways You Can Help:

  • Donate! This is the most direct way to help meet our goals for the event and support Child's Play. You can donate money before, during, and for a couple weeks after the live event.
  • Promote! If you're part of a community or group of friends who enjoy Nintendo, please help us spread the word and explain what's so great about this event. (Always be respectful -- don't spam on our behalf.)
  • Participate! Listen to the live event, play in the chat room, and call in for interactive segments -- you'll make the event better for everyone!
  • Prizes! If you've hit the limit on donating money but have some special gaming swag or digital game codes to give away, we could use them as prizes. Please email us with any offers.

Skylander: Giants Wave 1 Checklist

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Hello all you Skylanders Fans.

This is Stephen "Ceric" Shook your Nintendo Free Radio Editor.  With the help of Neal Ronaghan over at Nintendo World Report. I am happy to present you with this Printable Skylander Giants Wave 1 Checklist for the release this Sunday here in North America.

A few notes:

  • Anything Italicized is exclusive.
  • Lightcore is bolded because those figures are roughly $5 more expensive but have an internal glow.
  • Where to get the Exclusive is Underscored.
  • Skylanders are color coded by type.
  • Skylanders that come in the Starter Pack or 3 Packs have a Superscript Number that you can look for to see who else is in the pack.
  • Prices in General are $10 Single Pack, $15 Lightcore Single Pack, & $25 3 Pack.  I haven't heard the Giants will be priced any different.

Happy Hunting Everyone!

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Things to Remember when Rating on iTunes

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Now that we are on iTunes please go and rate us so more people will be able to find the Podcast.  xkcd just recently posted a helpful comic on the Star Rating System.


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