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Nintendo Free Radio 15: I Haff Tvelve Zerg Rushes…

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New format for New Business on a bunch of new games

Hot off the internet presses comes the 15th round of hilarity from the world of Nintendo Free Radio. In the name of shaking things up, New Business has some pre-recorded thoughts from the team before a Q&A round. Donald opens the bidding with the 3DS rhythm platformer HarmoKnight (a final aftershock of the combo) and dodges flying matchsticks with Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, while Stephen loads up on the March multiplayer hits with Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (WiiU). Austen wraps up with spoiler-free thoughts on the latest game everyone's Irrationally excited for: Bioshock Infinite - a game that may be better served in a different genre - before going old school with Alone In the Dark: Inferno.

After the usual round of insanity Now Posted at the NWR forums, Whatcha Watchin' prevents plenty of animated violence for your edification. Donald has been working his way through the complete original animated run of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stephen fought off the slice of the Witchblade, and Austen wrapped up Shakugan no Shana and took on the thrill ride of Deadman Wonderland.

The Feature Discussion doesn't have a full subject, but there were enough for a segment legally distinct from the classic Four Minute Warning format. Topics for discussion include CEO sackings, generational length, and just what a "Game of the Fiscal Year" list would look like. As usual, the show wraps with the Mushrooms, featuring someone giving both mushrooms to the same company. Who gets to drink from the firehose? You'll have to listen to find out.

We definitely want to hear from you in case we have to try our non-unionized Four Minute Warning equivalent again, or any other questions/discussion topics: send them to We'll see you again soon, but until then, beware the Snake of the Festival.

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Nintendo Free Radio 14: Whatever Floats Your Hubba Tester

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Donald hates Majora, Stephen hates editing, Austen hates pronouncing "Lara", and we all hate YOU*.

Sit right back as we take you on a three hour tour through the world of video games and other foo-fa-rah. Stephen takes the lead on New Business as the whole group dove into Fire Emblem: Awakening to certain extents (mostly to get the DLC) and they talk about the good, bad and Lunatic+ of the unexpectedly hot-selling strategy RPG. After that, Stephen and Austen provide updates on their Ni no Kuni experience with that darn Mr. Drippy. Donald follows up with a very controversial "trip down the hill of quality" starting with Persona 4 (PS2 version), following up with Final Fantasy VIII (PS1 classic) and finishing with... MAJORA'S MASK? After resisting the urge to strangle his co-host, Austen discusses the two major early March releases - the colon-cancer causing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate and the Lara (or Laura) protection game Tomb Raider.

After a rambunctious Now Posted segment, the TV talk goes intergalactic with Stephen's update on Star Trek, ending Next Generation, starting the original series and hitting... the ANIMATED series? Donald brings back the mid-90s animation with The Critic, and Austen has the triple header of Wreck-It Ralph, Reboot and Tiger and Bunny.

The Feature promises to be controversial as at least two of the hosts take aim at annoying fanbases (guess who plays Switzerland and win the NFR No-Prize). What makes you want to slap members of a fanbase? Find out that, as well as the franchise that killed Sega, and if you want to take umbrage with any of the comments, send an email to and we'll address them on a future show. Finally, the Mushrooms take aim at gaming media both good and bad, as well as a little medical drama.

This podcast was edited by Stephen Shook. All music used in this episode is under Fair Use protection.

*some exclusions may apply**

**Well I don't hate you

Editor Note: Revised version of this episode is now uploaded, featuring rebalanced audio and some additional sound effects. Thank you for your patience.  Austen will be editing that next episode and he has some hidden plans so look forward to that.

Nintendo Free Radio Episode 13: Not Knowingly Out-Snarked

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You want us to talk about used games when Iwata's going on camera with a Luigi hat on?

The best laid plans of mice and men have led to the 13th episode of Nintendo Free Radio. Donald opens New Business with his own Last Story impressions. No bananas were used, but it's the closest thing  you'll get to a Final Fantasy in "HD" for a while. Next, the long string of questionably-legal fan remakes of Nintendo properties in Canada continues with the free-to-play rhythm game OSU! (relax folks, we're running out of Killer Instinct combo descriptors) before Donald wraps with the game Halbred was created for, Atlus's 3DS brawler Code of Princess. Stephen takes over with an extended look at the PS3's biggest exclusive JRPG in a long time, the controversial (in more ways than one) Ni no Kuni, before Austen wraps with Ubisoft's other late 2012 FPS Far Cry 3 and the final version of Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time. Beware the figure skating bearrorists from the 'Hood. No, we're not making that last part up.

Since there's actual content to talk about, Now Posted returns from a brief hiatus leading into Whatcha Watchin'. Donald has an actual GOOD network comedy to talk about as he attends the most messed-up school Netflix has to offer (Community), while Stephen gets a little political with House of Cards and a Next Generation update. Austen is, as usual, animate-y and totally insane-y with the LONG-awaited Animaniacs v. 4 and Duck Tales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp DVDs.

The original plan for the week's Feature Discussion was some waffling about what would happen with  used games on the PS4 and whatever-the-next-Xbox-is, but then Nintendo launched a blue shell into those plans with the 3DS Nintendo Direct. Needless to say, this could not go by undiscussed. Are you ready to hear us wax on about the Ear of Weegee? After that, jump back in time to the Mushrooms for an extended discussion of the Rayman Legends delay (this was before the April demo was announced), as well as congratulations to a couple of groups that don't always get love from the panel.

We'd love to hear some feedback, so don't be afraid to send us an email at or leave a comment on the Talkback!

Nintendo Free Radio Episode 11: Hypocritical Shaymin

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A 3.5 Hour Podcast after Returning from the Christmas Break?! It must be the Will of Stein's Gate!

For the first cast of the New Year, Nintendo Free Radio enforced their resolution by bringing on a forum guest for the whole show. Stephen, Austen and Donald are joined by Remus "RazorKid" Harris for a Longcat-Sized New Business. Remus brings the love for classic Carroll with Alice: Madness Returns, modern platforming in Rayman Origins, and the taste of flesh with ZombiiU. Donald picks up the baton of the undead with Glitch... Walking Dead (XBLA) and fires off his Christmas bounty before the unexpected golden shower of New Super Mario Bros 2.

Austen goes to town with Eh-pic Meh-ckey 2 and gives us a Disaster: Day of Crisis update (bearrorist threat level: red) before visiting the butcher in adventure game/dating sim Pandora's Tower and dropping a Vita doubleshot of Little Big Planet and DJMax Technica Tune. Stephen ends the round by providing the Western interpretation of giant robots in MechWarrior Online, wiping out Danica Patrick in Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed and takes notes on EscapeVektor and Gunman Clive, before answering the most important question of all: What is this thing that took up the Vita's 15 minutes at Sony's E3 2012 show, the Wonderbook?

If you survive past Now Posted, or became part of the undead in the process, the second half loads up on 80s and 90s nostalgia. Whatcha Watchin' opens with Remus's classic cartoon duo of Bobby's World and Akagi as well as touching base on 80s cartoons (cowabunga!), while Donald has the legend of Bo Jackson and survived Christmas at Ground Zero with the two good Home Alones and nerd blackface sitcom Big Bang Theory. Stephen boldly goes where nobody has gone before with Star Trek: The Next Generation and shows that sometime it's better to get money for nothing with Undercover Boss, while Austen goes Back In Time with Steins;Gate (yes, that spelling is correct) and doesn't Start The Fire with Shakugan no Shana Season 2 (tempting though it might be). An unexpectedly heated Feature Discussion springs from Remus's simple question: How has gaming changed for you since you were a kid? As usual, the Mushrooms provide the seventh course of this podcast feast, with hatred for GOTY selections and excessive hype balanced by a side of Christmas and film restoration love.

You can send your feedback by email to, leave a comment here or hit the hosts on Twitter (@donaldmick, @cericme, @broodwars64 and the guest @remus.harris). We're always looking for volunteers for the fourth chair, so let one of the regulars know if you're interested! But we will warn you... a long cast is LONG.

This show was edited by Austen Parkin and Stephen Shook. All music used under Fair Use permission.

NOTE: After receiving feedback on the original version of this episode, we have made adjustments to the audio mix & replaced the old episode with this new one. We hope you enjoy it!

Nintendo Free Radio Episode 10: Great Moments In Trolling

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With no less than two announcements that will shake Nintendo World Report to its very foundations.

Nintendo Free Radio reaches double digits, which is quite frankly eight episodes more than anyone thought they'd survive, with another whopper of an episode. Donald kicks off New Business with impressions of Crashmo, the 3DS eShop puzzler with a 270-degree difficulty curve, and looks forward to some of 2013's action games with Bayonetta (360) and the demo of the Ninja Theory-helmed Devil May Cry reboot (PS3) before keeping the combo alive with DS import (unless you're in Europe) Jam With The Band. Austen jumps in next to save the planet from meteors, tsunamis and bearorrists with Disaster: Day of Crisis (Wii) and activates Sly Cooper's Beast Mode in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3/Vita). Stephen finishes with more Wii U impressions, ranging from the joy of flying balloons in NintendoLand to gliding as a squirrel in New Super Mario Bros U and blasting away with the twin-stick goodness of NanoAssault Neo (brief impressions of ZombiiU also included).

The mania of Now Posted leads into the traditional Whatcha Watchin', joined partway through by NWR review domo Andy Goergen. Stephen's opening salvo is a Deep Space Nine update (yes, another one), Amazing Spider-Man, Strawberry Shortcake (for the kids), Arthur's Christmas and Rescue Bots, Andy brings impressions of Parks and Recreation and the final season of The Office, Austen gets economic with C - Control: The Money and Soul of Possibility (a show halfway down the Laffer curve), and Donald bears all after watching A Garfield Christmas. The Feature Discussion is more fun with Wii U, as the four discuss media reaction to Nintendo's new console and whether the haters may have a point. Finally, the Mushrooms get an extra dose of poison this week thanks to rule 34 on cords and certain sporting decisions, but also get 1up'd with tales of great customer service.

With the end of the year coming up, the show will be taking a break, but not before an end of the year show for the ages! Keep an eye on the host Twitter feeds (@DonaldMick, @cericme and @broodwars64) for more information on what and when it will all go down, and send your ideas by email to - also, be sure to check out Andy's Etsy store ( if you need a last minute Christmas gift idea!

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Nintendo Free Radio Episode 9: Capacity For Rational Thought

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No updates required to enjoy our WiiU day 1 impressions, and it comes with a free Halbred!

Step right up and enjoy the latest gaming goodness from the Nintendo Free Radio crew. Stephen gets the now-traditional music game out of the way early in New Business by touching on the Ubisoft creation app Jam Sessions, which draws comparisons to Windows 3.1, before getting stuck with Austen on the latest Nintendo RPG/platformer hybrid Paper Mario Sticker Star. Donald accepts his WiiU-less fate by going ungodly old school with Donkey Kong: Original Edition (it's a CEMENT factory, thankyouverymuch) and shockingly doesn't want to punch himself out after partaking in Urban Champion (3D Classics), before wrapping with an extended and spirited discussion of the demo for Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. Austen brings us to the break with a wrap-up of Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation, proof that one can play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 without having to deal with the average internet user, and unleashes holy hell (and man beams) in El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron.

After the break, a wild Halbred appears as the crew ropes in Nintendo World Report features editor Zach Miller for a heavy round of Whatcha Been Watchin' that travels from the sewers of New York in TMNT 2012 to the local arcade for Wreck-It Ralph and wraps in London with Sherlock Holmes In The 22nd Century, Goldeneye, QI, and Where On Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Also included: The finals of the "Weirdest Anime Ever" contest, between FLCL and Hellsing Ultimate.

Since this show was taped on November 18th, of course the feature discussion is Wii U: Day 1. Zach and Stephen both got their systems day 1, and despite the best efforts of upgrade servers manage to touch on the Wii transfer process, the eShop, and Stephen's early impressions of Nintendoland. An extra helping of Mushrooms takes us out with love for This Year Collection ( and free dumping, hatred of Alaskan rocks, and a host falling on his sword (but recovering to help unlock Red Velvet).

We will return in a couple of weeks, but you can leave feedback for the show here or by sending an email to Also, be sure to check out the Movember page of Ryan MacNeil (Donald's roommate) at and hear Zach regularly on NWR's Connectivity and the Frozen North Dinnercast at Crosstawk (

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Nintendo Free Radio Episode 8: Everybunny Votes

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The Number 9 Portal has been opened. Forty five minutes until the Wii closes.

Wait, wait, don't tell me - Stephen, Donald and Austen have returned with another round of gaming misadventure. Donald leads off New Business with an appropriately quick round of the PSP Warioware-style RPG Half-Minute Hero, in which the Time Goddess is a firm believer in the power of capitalism. His main event, however, is his 2012 Most Anticipated Game - Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. Donald and Austen tag-team the two platforms of this visual novel/adventure game while trying to avoid kicking dogs and harebrained puns. Austen follows up with a Vita triple play: the indie puzzle platformer with unique artstyle (tm Player One Podcast) Dokuro and the Assassin's Creed game you're not hearing about, Assassin's Creed Liberation. He completes the set with the rhythm game/RPG hybrid Orgarhythm, where you fight gods with the power... of DANCE! Stephen rounds out the games with the PC/PS3 tower defense game Dungeon Defenders, which has some trouble with teaching you how to build towers, and a comparison of the console and handheld versions of Skylanders: Giants. Is the Activison money-printing machine as strong as ever?

(If you're confused about the gameplay in Orgarhythm and Dokuro, we recommend these gameplay videos: for Orgarhythm, and for Dokuro)

After a peek into the psyche of the NWR forums with Now Posted, Whatcha Been Watching covers Stephen's continuing Deep Space Nine exploits and the Alvin and the Chipmunks Halloween special, Donald goes for the crab juice in The City of New York v. Homer Simpson (instantly putting him over certain GameTrailers hosts), and Austen picks and rolls through TMNT 2012, various Nickelodeon game shows and the start of the NBA season.

With only a few days left before November 18, the panel decides to look back at the Wii era (error?) in the feature discussion. Wanting to avoid a five-hour podcast, the focus is on the games - including  more Sonic and the Secret Rings discussion than any podcast ever - and what the legacy of the Wii could mean for the WiiU. As usual, the show ends with some healthy Mushrooms, including another call for decorum in online gaming, a much-needed retirement, and the ruining of a host's New Year's Day plans.

By the time you hear this, the NWR Live Telethon For Child's Play will have come and gone - and you witnessed the Super Smash Brothers of podcasting. Lee! Shoemaker! 8-4! Player One! Red Velvet! And Taking it OVER $6000! (For the kids.) But we couldn't have done it without your help, Thank You!  If you haven't donated or missed the telethon you can still donate and listen to segments of the show as they become available. ( Don't forget to send us questions for listener mail at, which we will answer on future episodes of the show!

Nintendo Free Radio Episode 7: Restrain The Manbeam!

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It was all fun and games until someone mentioned Cho Aniki.

Nintendo Free Radio has returned to both entertain and horrify you before All Hallow's Eve. New Business  opens with Stephen's impression of the DSiWare Rouge-Like Anonymous Notes: From The Abyss, and finds it far less frustrating than last episode's FTL. Donald, hot off his Poke-show on RFN 311 (, chimes in with impressions straight out of 310 - 3DS eShop puzzler Pushmo  (or Pullblox, if you're European) and the PSP role-playing classic Persona 3 Portable  before teaming up with Austen to tag-team  the  two versions of Little King's Story  (Wii/Vita). Finally, Austen continues the combo with the rather disappointing Rez HD  before bringing it  home with Pendelton-free  impressions of Dishonored. Can Bethesda publish a  PS3 game that's  actually  playable on the system after a few hours?

After the chaos of Now Posted, settle in  for  an extended and animated Whatcha Been Watching  segment featuring Stephen's Beast Wars  as  well as Austen's anime doubleheader of Welcome to  the NHK and Hellsing Ultimate  (Crispin Freeman not  included) and impressions  of the pilot  of the new Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  cartoon. Donald brings things down with a sprint through ESPN's 9.79*  documentary,  part of the "30 for 30" series.

In lieu of a feature, Donald had two quick questions - the first one being a discussion of gender choice  in video games (Spoilers: EVERYBODY FEMSHEP!). Finally, Donald offers a thought experiment: With Wii Shop releases about to end, and with 100 points left  on his Wii, what does he need to get to end up with 0 points? ( Suggestions both serious and not-so-much are bandied about before someone hits the glass-covered big red button and fires man's ultimate weapon. The struggle is mighty, but they power through to the Mushrooms  featuring love for Disney classics now on BluRay, SQL clubs, and as disappointment as well in people not performing their civic duty.

We always appreciate your feedback on the  show, which you  can send to or leave here. Also, be sure to attend the 3rd annual RFN Child's Play podcast telethon on November 10, and hopefully we'll be able to play a round of Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me! ( The limericks are ready and  the prizes will flow like wine, but only if your donations get us that far! (

Nintendo Free Radio Episode 6: More Space & Suction Then an Infected Hoover

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The Pokedex lied to me! Apparently, Wailord can fly through space and evolve into Moltres! Thanks, Child of Eden!

Grab your +5 Rainbow Staff of Awesome and prepare to Fly Away, because NFR is back to deliver another multitude of multi-platform memoirs courtesy of hosts Donald; Stephen; and Austen.  Donald kicks off this week's New Business with a trip down memory lane in Kirby's Dream Collector's Special Edition for the Wii ("Sucking" and "Blowing" puns withheld by special request).  Moving from the glacially-evolving to the recently-innovating, we travel to an alternate (and exquisitely cel-shaded) war-torn universe with the critically-beloved (but unfortunately poorly-selling) PS3-exclusive strategy game Valkyria Chronicles.  Nowhere else can you see Vyse and Aika from Skies of Arcadia team-up with a bug-obsessed tank commander and his group of misfits to defend their homes from an invasion by Steampunk, ancient magic-wielding Nazis.

Afterwards, Stephen takes us to the surprisingly barren Chinese jungles with the recent World of WarCraft: Mists of Panderia expansion, a game best described as Kung Fu Panda meets...Pokemon?  As the sun seems to be setting on WoW, we light-up the nighttime sky with the PS2 launch title Fantavision and launch into Spaaaaaaaaaaace with the infuriating Kickstarter-funded space combat Rogue-Like FTL.   Further raising the stakes, Austen strikes back with a Rogue-Like of his own with the delightfully bizarre Tokyo Jungle, the only game this Fall to potentially feature a Pomeranian locked in Mortal Kombat with a Velociraptor for control of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo.  In case you didn't think this game selection could get any weirder, we follow that up with one Demonic Lord's rubber ducky-fueled quest for Warioware-style vengeance in Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.  On a more somber note, we then conclude the segment with Austen's thoughts on returning to Tetsuya Mizuguchi's enchanting (and psychedelic) musical opus Child of Eden.  Can it be that our harshest critic has a game from this console generation even he can't help gushing about and wishes was on the Wii U?

After yet another harrowing journey through the unhinged psyche of the Nintendo World Report Forums with Now Posted, we tune in the latest episode of Watcha Been Watching.  Included in this week's programming are titles such as the war-time political drama Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Aaron Sorkin's further decent into madness and mediocrity with The Newsroom, and the apparently-decent Nintendo DS RPG-based anime Sands of Destruction (where the heroes' goal is to destroy the world...kumo).

With the recent poor critical reception of Resident Evil 6 on our minds, our Feature Discussion delves into the Future of Japanese Games Development outside of Nintendo.  In this new age of globalization and expensive AAA game development, what Japanese studios seem equipped to weather the storm?  What future Japanese titles are we looking forward to?  What do Japanese studios need to do to become relevant again in the eyes of the rest of the world?  All these questions and more may be lightly touched upon in this week's shotgun-style Feature Discussion.

As always, we then close the show with our 1ups/Poison Mushrooms, including the needlessly infuriating process involved with downloading anything on the (allegedly) online-savvy PlayStation Vita, the gaming industry's apparent burning desire to kill off single-player gaming as part of their passive-aggressive war on GameStop, and the annoyances of in-game travel time.

We're still looking for feedback and questions for Listener Mail, which you can send to  You can also post in our thread on the NWR forums, or leave us comments under this post on our website at  Finally, if you're an iTunes user, be sure to drop us a rating as well so we know what you want to hear on future episodes!  NFR will be back in 2 weeks for Halloween, but until then NFR's Journey Will Continue. Keep taking the path less taken and join us!

This podcast was edited by Stephen Shook. All music is copyrighted to their original owners and is used under fair use protection.

Nintendo Free Radio Episode 5: The Rainbows Come From Awesome

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Just imagine the "Awesome" Mega could have tapped into if Capcom HAD named him "Rainbow Man"

Like a good ninja, Nintendo Free Radio is there in your ears once more (eww...) - but we do admit that the sparkles are a little much. Austen, Donald and Stephen's journey through the world of games restarts with a New Business trip to the local 16-bit arcade with Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode 3 (which is certainly the game with the longest title we've had on this show).  Following a little "Gangsta" session of tapping blocks on the street with SIMON Flash (disclaimer: Swizz Beatz sold separately), we're off to the Stars with Donald Duck in Disney's PK: Out of the Shadows (sadly, anything possibly related to Donald Duck apparently also sold separately).

Afterwards, Donald soaks-up the Chibi "flava" with the PSP's Mega Man Powered Up (hey, someone remembered Mega Man Soccer!), a game that apparently beat Sony to the User-Generated Content punch.  Once hostilities cease with the Mandrill in Rhythm Heaven Fever, Donald flings a surprise Incinerate Plasmid at the critically-acclaimed and fan-beloved underwater Randian FPS Bioshock.  Keeping the surprise Xbox 360 attention going, Austen whips up a Dust Storm with a look at the "Recommended, Except for James Jones" Metroid-esque XBLA Summer of Arcade brawler Dust: An Elysian Tale.  Narrowly avoiding the wrath of Vanilla Ice, we turn away from the Samurai and meld into the shadows with a game that should have been in that Summer of Arcade: Mark of the Ninja.  We finally wrap things up with a little Sparkle Hunting in Suda 51's latest descent into vulgar madness (at this point, can we just buy the season pass?):  Lollipop Chainsaw.

Still in the grip of madness, we turn our attention to the Nintendo World Report forums with another round of Now Posted before jumping into another installment of Watcha Been Watching.  This episode's programming includes the most realistic event Professional Wrestling's seen in years; the SyFy polar opposite duo of Alphas and Warehouse 13; ThE BoUrNe SuPrEmAcY and the "Knight Rider meets Spider-Man meets Batman" Russian spy thriller Black Lightning (don't adjust your set. We'd never heard of it either).

Afterwards, it's time for a look at the State of the Money Hats TM as our Feature Discussion delves into the past; present; and future of pre-order bonuses in the gaming industry.  Which of our hosts has the oddest collection of "surprisingly useful" useless junk?  What are our host's most fondly-remembered pre-order bonuses/limited editions?  Will someone finally relieve Austen of Bucket Duty?  All these questions and more may be vaguely answered in this week's reminiscence-heavy discussion!  In the wake of the Great Bayonetta 2 Seppuku Epidemic of 2012, we break out some Listener Mail (yes, really!) asking what games we wish Nintendo would Money Hat for Nintendo console exclusivity.

Somehow surviving the experience with our Bodies Ready and Intact, we finally close the show with 1Ups/Poison Mushrooms.  In light of the complaints we received from PETA after the last episode, we end this episode on happier subjects such as the further decline of Japanese relevance after this year's yawn-inducing Tokyo Game Show; the field of technological destruction emanating from Donald; and overly-punitive traffic tickets.  Yes, oddly enough those are still happier notes to end on than we had in our last episode.

We're still looking for feedback and questions for Listener Mail, which you can send to  You can also post in our thread on the NWR forums, or leave us comments under this post on our website at  Finally, if you're an iTunes user, be sure to drop us a rating as well so we know what you want to hear on future episodes!  NFR will be back in 2 weeks with another round of barely-coherent rambling, but until then we'll continue to seek it: the rainbow connection.  The lovers, the dreamers, and us.

This podcast was edited by Stephen Shook. All music is copyrighted to their original owners and is used under fair use protection.

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