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Nintendo Free Radio Episode 8: Everybunny Votes

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The Number 9 Portal has been opened. Forty five minutes until the Wii closes.

Wait, wait, don't tell me - Stephen, Donald and Austen have returned with another round of gaming misadventure. Donald leads off New Business with an appropriately quick round of the PSP Warioware-style RPG Half-Minute Hero, in which the Time Goddess is a firm believer in the power of capitalism. His main event, however, is his 2012 Most Anticipated Game - Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. Donald and Austen tag-team the two platforms of this visual novel/adventure game while trying to avoid kicking dogs and harebrained puns. Austen follows up with a Vita triple play: the indie puzzle platformer with unique artstyle (tm Player One Podcast) Dokuro and the Assassin's Creed game you're not hearing about, Assassin's Creed Liberation. He completes the set with the rhythm game/RPG hybrid Orgarhythm, where you fight gods with the power... of DANCE! Stephen rounds out the games with the PC/PS3 tower defense game Dungeon Defenders, which has some trouble with teaching you how to build towers, and a comparison of the console and handheld versions of Skylanders: Giants. Is the Activison money-printing machine as strong as ever?

(If you're confused about the gameplay in Orgarhythm and Dokuro, we recommend these gameplay videos: for Orgarhythm, and for Dokuro)

After a peek into the psyche of the NWR forums with Now Posted, Whatcha Been Watching covers Stephen's continuing Deep Space Nine exploits and the Alvin and the Chipmunks Halloween special, Donald goes for the crab juice in The City of New York v. Homer Simpson (instantly putting him over certain GameTrailers hosts), and Austen picks and rolls through TMNT 2012, various Nickelodeon game shows and the start of the NBA season.

With only a few days left before November 18, the panel decides to look back at the Wii era (error?) in the feature discussion. Wanting to avoid a five-hour podcast, the focus is on the games - including  more Sonic and the Secret Rings discussion than any podcast ever - and what the legacy of the Wii could mean for the WiiU. As usual, the show ends with some healthy Mushrooms, including another call for decorum in online gaming, a much-needed retirement, and the ruining of a host's New Year's Day plans.

By the time you hear this, the NWR Live Telethon For Child's Play will have come and gone - and you witnessed the Super Smash Brothers of podcasting. Lee! Shoemaker! 8-4! Player One! Red Velvet! And Taking it OVER $6000! (For the kids.) But we couldn't have done it without your help, Thank You!  If you haven't donated or missed the telethon you can still donate and listen to segments of the show as they become available. ( Don't forget to send us questions for listener mail at, which we will answer on future episodes of the show!


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