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Nintendo Free Radio Episode 5: The Rainbows Come From Awesome

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Just imagine the "Awesome" Mega could have tapped into if Capcom HAD named him "Rainbow Man"

Like a good ninja, Nintendo Free Radio is there in your ears once more (eww...) - but we do admit that the sparkles are a little much. Austen, Donald and Stephen's journey through the world of games restarts with a New Business trip to the local 16-bit arcade with Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode 3 (which is certainly the game with the longest title we've had on this show).  Following a little "Gangsta" session of tapping blocks on the street with SIMON Flash (disclaimer: Swizz Beatz sold separately), we're off to the Stars with Donald Duck in Disney's PK: Out of the Shadows (sadly, anything possibly related to Donald Duck apparently also sold separately).

Afterwards, Donald soaks-up the Chibi "flava" with the PSP's Mega Man Powered Up (hey, someone remembered Mega Man Soccer!), a game that apparently beat Sony to the User-Generated Content punch.  Once hostilities cease with the Mandrill in Rhythm Heaven Fever, Donald flings a surprise Incinerate Plasmid at the critically-acclaimed and fan-beloved underwater Randian FPS Bioshock.  Keeping the surprise Xbox 360 attention going, Austen whips up a Dust Storm with a look at the "Recommended, Except for James Jones" Metroid-esque XBLA Summer of Arcade brawler Dust: An Elysian Tale.  Narrowly avoiding the wrath of Vanilla Ice, we turn away from the Samurai and meld into the shadows with a game that should have been in that Summer of Arcade: Mark of the Ninja.  We finally wrap things up with a little Sparkle Hunting in Suda 51's latest descent into vulgar madness (at this point, can we just buy the season pass?):  Lollipop Chainsaw.

Still in the grip of madness, we turn our attention to the Nintendo World Report forums with another round of Now Posted before jumping into another installment of Watcha Been Watching.  This episode's programming includes the most realistic event Professional Wrestling's seen in years; the SyFy polar opposite duo of Alphas and Warehouse 13; ThE BoUrNe SuPrEmAcY and the "Knight Rider meets Spider-Man meets Batman" Russian spy thriller Black Lightning (don't adjust your set. We'd never heard of it either).

Afterwards, it's time for a look at the State of the Money Hats TM as our Feature Discussion delves into the past; present; and future of pre-order bonuses in the gaming industry.  Which of our hosts has the oddest collection of "surprisingly useful" useless junk?  What are our host's most fondly-remembered pre-order bonuses/limited editions?  Will someone finally relieve Austen of Bucket Duty?  All these questions and more may be vaguely answered in this week's reminiscence-heavy discussion!  In the wake of the Great Bayonetta 2 Seppuku Epidemic of 2012, we break out some Listener Mail (yes, really!) asking what games we wish Nintendo would Money Hat for Nintendo console exclusivity.

Somehow surviving the experience with our Bodies Ready and Intact, we finally close the show with 1Ups/Poison Mushrooms.  In light of the complaints we received from PETA after the last episode, we end this episode on happier subjects such as the further decline of Japanese relevance after this year's yawn-inducing Tokyo Game Show; the field of technological destruction emanating from Donald; and overly-punitive traffic tickets.  Yes, oddly enough those are still happier notes to end on than we had in our last episode.

We're still looking for feedback and questions for Listener Mail, which you can send to  You can also post in our thread on the NWR forums, or leave us comments under this post on our website at  Finally, if you're an iTunes user, be sure to drop us a rating as well so we know what you want to hear on future episodes!  NFR will be back in 2 weeks with another round of barely-coherent rambling, but until then we'll continue to seek it: the rainbow connection.  The lovers, the dreamers, and us.

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