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Nintendo Free Radio - Episode 1: Even More Games Than An E3 Press Conference (MP3)

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Nintendo Free Radio, MP3, Episode 1

Nintendo Free Radio - Episode 1: Even More Games Than An E3 Press Conference

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Nintendo Free Radio, M4a, Episode 1

With the regular RFN crew scattered to the winds, four members of the Nintendo World Report forums - Stephen "Ceric" Shook, Austen "broodwars" Parkin, Donald "Shaymin" Theriault and Ryan "racht" Clay decided to step up and attempt to fill the large shoes left. Although it's hard to match the regular crew's chemistry, the replacements brought 24 games, or one more than Nintendo themselves had at E3!

An absolutely massive New Business segment sees Stephen lead off with Mass Effect 3 post-Extended Cut impressions (may contain spoilers, ends at 27:16), and follows up with the first World of Warcraft discussion to not meet the editor's axe in a long time focusing on the new "PokeWoW" pet battles. After a TheatRhythm Thief doubleheader and Skylanders, Donald jumps in with impressions of Pokemon Black and White 2 straight from Japan, warns people about Final Fantasy II (PSP) and outlines his training techniques...  for JEOPARDY. Yes, the game show. (You can download his tracking spreadsheet from Google Docs.)

Ryan picks up the RPG torch with Xenoblade Chronicles and scares everyone but Austen with his play clock before moving to Limbo on Steam and the joys of playing Kid Icarus Uprising when you're left-handed. Despite not being a wizard, Ryan also brings discussion of downloadable 3DS pinball both classic in Kirby's Pinball Land, and new in Marvel Pinball. Austen wraps with a run of DS adventures, rattling off Ace Attorney Investigations, 999 and Ghost Trick before talking more about Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals than anyone in the history of the internet and a couple of independent PSN games in Dyad and Quantum Conumdrum.

After the break, we asked ourselves to come up with one game we're each excited for in the 2nd half of 2012, and the selections may will surprise you. To finish, the group tackles the question of hatred toward accessibility in games  and why the majority of players being able to see the content of a game is suddenly a scary thing.

The regular crew will be back next week, but we'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode as we get closer to the big episode 300 - don't be afraid to drop a comment in the Talkback thread or anywhere else fine podcasts are discussed. Be sure to send in your Listener Mail as well and keep playing and discussing Wario Land 4 in the Retroactive thread.

This podcast was edited by Ryan Clay. Music for this episode was provided by Jason Ricci & New Blood, and additional music is copyright Nintendo.


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