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NFR 07 Companion: Donald’s Wii Download List

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In episode 7, Donald asked what Wii download games he should download with the goal of getting to 0 points on his Wii before the WiiU hits.

Here's his list of downloads as of the recording date (October 21):

WiiWare: Mega Man 9/10, World of Goo, FFIV After Years, NyxQuest, Art Style Rotozoa, Fluidity, Dr Mario Online*, Strong Bad episodes

NES: Blades of Steel, Final Fantasy, Punch-Out, Castlevania I, Turtles I, Yoshi's Cookie, River City Ransom

SNES: Super Punch Out, MarioRPG, Secret of Mana, Kirby 3, Final Fight, DKC2, FF:MQ, FF3, Chrono Trigger, Mario Kart*, Pilotwings*

N64: Paper Mario, F Zero X, Pokemon Puzzle League, Mario Kart 64, Majora's Mask, Smash Bros, Sin and Punishment, OB64, Mario Tennis*

Other: Shining Force, Pulseman, Y's Book I/II

* Club Nintendo buys

Collections owned and playable on the Wii: Kirby, Mario All-Stars, Zelda (GCN), Mega Man, Mega Man X, Sonic Mega, Sonic Gems, SNK Arcade Classics vol 1

Meet the Hosts: Donald Theriault

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Meet the Hosts

Artist's rendition

(An artist's rendition)

10 Things You Need To Know About Donald (that haven't been revealed on the show):

1) I've spent most of my working career getting yelled at. I've been a Little League umpire, done tech support twice, and worked customer service at AT&T long enough for them to change their name twice.

2) My favourite system of all time is the SNES, then the DS. My top 5 games of all time goes Earthbound/Chrono Trigger as 1 and 1a, then Super Mario Bros. 3, World Ends With You and Planet Puzzle League.

3) I used to write for GameFAQs regularly, but lost the urge to write guides when I was offered a job with Versus Books before they went Chapter 13 (aka: "We dead") bankrupt.

4) I have a degree in accounting from Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Canada - which makes me about as qualified a game analyst as one Michael P.

5) I started and maintain the Radio Free Nintendo thread at NeoGAF.

6) If it wasn't for live sports (baseball/hockey), wrestling and game shows, I'd cancel my cable subscription and wouldn't look back. I haven't seen a movie in theaters in this decade (last one was Avatar, December 27/09), and the last one I paid to see was The Wrestler.

7) When I left at&t, I was this close to cancelling the service of a certain disbarred lawyer/violence "expert" as my final act with the company but managed to restrain myself.

8) I've had the same cat since the first year of the Clinton administration.

9) I was in a play my freshman year of high school, and my character in the original script was to have a kissing scene but it got cut by request of the intended receiver.

10) Partially because of 9, I'm an aromantic asexual.


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