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NFR 2017 Game of the Year: So It’s Come To This

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In the year's most stunning upset that didn't involve the Maple Leafs making the playoffs...


Just in time for the first business day of the new fiscal year, it's the long-awaited GOTY show. There's three parts this year.


Part 1: A full countdown of the top 10s. Or in some cases, the top 8s.


Part 2: A Whatcha Watchin' recap. Sadly, Donald's participation for this in 2018 may have been DELETED.


Part 3: Other miscellaneous awards.


This podcast was recorded on March 17 and edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. A new version of the episode has been uploaded to resolve an issue with the audio.

Nintendo Free Radio 2016 Game of the Year Show

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Includes ice-cold Metacritic draft.

We waited until the end of the fiscal year but it's finally out - the 2016 Game of the Year show.

The first segment is our top 10s for the year with honorable mentions and a ranked 5-1 list, as well as awards such as "The Wonderful 101 Presents Best Soundtrack" and "Biggest Clusterditto". There will be spoilers in this segment, but for nothing more than Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The second part starts with a countdown on Whatcha Watchin' including a stunning reversal on bears, then we jump ahead to this year with a countdown of the 2017 games we were most hyped for. (Note we recorded this in February or the DQ8 3DS release would have been on Donald's list.) We close by playing the market a bit as we each picked five games that we think would have high Meta/Opencritic ratings. Stephen appears to be the clubhouse leader there.

We swear this will not happen again, if only for the sanity of the editors.

This podcast was recorded on February 19-20 2017.

Nintendo Free Radio 2015 Game of the Year Show

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When this was recorded, the album art was still a rumor.

No, seriously, we finally recovered the long lost 2015 Game of the Year recording from... lord, December 20, 2015. The show features a historic first, a Dragonite swarm, and discussion of the last bits of Smash DLC along with the year in review. (Maybe we should have held this out for the release of their Amiibo?)


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