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Nintendo Free Radio 99: No Scorpions For You, Come Back Next Time

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 99

After this month, we've fully banned "Rock You Like a Hurricane".

The Great One episode of Nintendo Free Radio has quite a bit packed into two and a half hours or so. In New Business, Stephen kept pecking away at the Monster Hunter Stories demo - did we mention this thing is LONG? - but we're not sure if he took the plunge. Maybe the Zelda DLC will help. Donald grabbed the demo for Project Octopath Traveler as well as the second good Metroid game of this decade (or ever) in Metroid: Samus Returns. Austen has some brief mentions including blatant Square selling out (because none of their games are) before dealing with the double main event of Life is Strange: Before the Storm episode 1 and the dreaded Knack 2. Thanks to the Nine Network for adding those bits to Donald's hard drive.

Whatcha Watchin' covers the Netflix Voltron season 3, with a pitstop at the end of modern Ninja Turtles, before Austen castigates bad casting in Batman v Harley Quinn and violates about twenty copyrights when he visits Big O. Billion dollar debts not included, but probable in that universe.

The Feature sort of got rolled into the Mushrooms as we encourage you to donate to a quality organization to help Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, which are still completely without power as of press time and has a member of the NWR fora living in the former. Also covered: The passing of The Brain, debates over the All-22 film, and Nintendo being Doomed this Christmas.

Some big changes are coming to the podcast after the next episode, so keep it locked to our Twitter feed for updates as well as to send suggestions for things to discuss on said episode. If you can't keep it to 14... sorry, 280 characters and need a bit more space to breathe, then drop us an email or leave it here. Either way, we want to hear from you one more time.

This podcast was recorded on September 17 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


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