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Nintendo Free Radio 96: Eight Percent Or Bust

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 96

You know Rock, that's a very good question you ask about the halfway mark.

We try to stay positive in this Nintendo Free Radio... well, two of us anyway. New Business opens as Stephen breaks the glass on lords management with League of Legends before a freshly-unemployed Donald debates applying to work at Grizzco in Splatoon 2. After some hardware impressions of what in a just world would be that hot Liquid Metal Slime 2DSXL, we get medieval (and other time periods) on Fate:Extella. Austen provides updates on Injustice 2 and Prey as well as the most insane of speedruns, while also chatting about Sundered.

Whatcha Watchin' gets real dark. Stephen brought Valerian while Donald and Austen tag team Castlevania and Donald didn't actually mind Rogue One. But Stephen brought the most horrifying film of the year, with an 8% rating on Metacritic that not even Langrisser could touch. We speak of course, of... The Emoji Movie.

The Feature tries to stay positive with the yearly countdown of games we're hyped for, though the team finds itself on the same wavelength for a long time. The Mushrooms pay tribute to titans of animation and figure out how to borrow when you're a third of a Gates in the hole, while Donald is so mad at the world he forgot to do the paper toss at the end.

The mailbox is barren - please to be filling it. And don't forget our @ replies, either.

This podcast was recorded on July 31 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


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