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Nintendo Free Radio 95: Summer of Not So Fun

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 95

Technical issues and Dragonites all up in this joint.

A lot has changed since we recorded the show, and just getting it together was a beast, but due to various circumstances it's another NFR out the door. Stephen opens New Business with some VR chat and wondering what the hell happened to Skype, before seguing into a doubleheader of Borderlands games. Donald goes from Worst Character to a candidate for Worst Game in Valkyria Revolution, then finds something more to his tastes with Tokyo Xanadu and FFXII: The Zodiac Age. (Given his username on a different, more prominent message board, this was basically inevitable.) Austen wraps up with Tokyo Mirage Sessions, then after a brief Crash landing hits noted May success story Injustice 2 and noted May bomba Prey (2017). Space lesbians not included, we saved those for the next segment.

Whatcha Watchin features a long superhero block, then moves into chat about Doctor Who's latest coin flip landing on tails for once. Finally, we wrap with the hilariously offensive Outlaw Star. As it was a slow news weeks, the Mushrooms replace the feature as we chat SNES Classic, getting stuck in Ohio, and mourn the death of a Hollywood legend.

The next episode (96) is already in the can and should be out soonish, but we would still love to know what you're excited for the rest of this year. Lists can be sent to the usual methods or left below.

This podcast was recorded on July 16 and was edited by Donald Theriault.


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