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Nintendo Free Radio 79: 444 - 4 Hours, 4 Persons, 4 Doors

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 79

The deceased will deliver the eulogy, and those in attendance will have a couple of hours for rebuttal.

The last show before E3 sees RPGamer co-owner / RPGCast regular Anna Marie Privitere return after an appearance on Episode 34 to talk games and the state of E3. Donald opens New Business with a brief NES mention before hitting his main event of Zero Escape: 999 and Virtue's Last Reward (including a Platinum trophy that will likely be his last). Anna then brings the maiden RPG love with Omega Quintet, which appears to be the result of sticking Disgaea, Stella Glow and a PS4 in a blender on puree. After that, we break down everything coming out in June for the role-playing fans (spoilers: A LOT). Stephen gets the dreaded montage as he played some, um, interesting things with his new fight stick, while Austen has been hitting the sauce in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine before hitting the links for a little Dangerous Golf. It's golf made by the team who did Burnout 3. Need we say more?

A brief Whatcha Watchin' ensues following the golf trip with Anna trying out "Diplomacy and Chili" with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Following a superhero block (including Captain America: Civil War) Donald keeps his streak alive with early impressions of Archer Season 6 - or should we say, Archer: Other M.

But you're here for the big E3 preview and the crew does not disappoint. We make some predictions for the conferences - and like last year, some of them haven't been proven wrong yet. As well, we look at the state of E3 in an increasingly video-obsessed world. The Mushrooms prove one of Donald's predictions wrong while at the same time discuss the state of online conversation about localization, the joys of game collecting and... THAT trailer. Jon Stewart guest stars.

The next show for us is the E3 recap, so please look forward to it, and send us things to talk about if the show's just going to get spoiled beforehand! You can find Anna on Twitter @amprivitere, on the RPGCast most weeks at or - where you'll also find the archive of Omega Quintet streams.

This podcast was recorded on June 5 and was edited by a hay-fever afflicted Donald Theriault.


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