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Nintendo Free Radio 78: Buck Frighthouse

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This recording was meant to be a tribute to Alan Young, but connection issues made it out to Chuck Barris.

Let's not mince words: This episode went poorly. The night of saw rampant internet issues, and the editor's come down with some sort of whooping cough, but we still want to get this out before the E3 preview show records. Stephen passed on New Business, so Donald tackles a couple of Vita hits of late 2015 with returning champion Superbeat Xonic and 2016 GOTY candidate (by virtue of a December 22/15 release date) Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. Austen's big games were another Vita RPG in Ray Gigant (not recommended except for Kairon) and Valkyria Chronicles now on PS4. Also mentioned: Pocket Card Jockey, Project X Zone 2, Dark Souls The Third and Uncharted 4.

Most of Whatcha Watchin was taken up by a nearly 50 minute look at RahXephon (which you can get here), but Donald knocked an item off the anime bucket list with Persona 4: The Animation while Austen braved Hideki Anno on the good drugs to watch Evangelion 3.33. On two hours sleep. The poor sod.

The Feature discussion gives props to some of the under-appreciated games of 2016 that probably won't come back around, before swinging into a quick temperature check of where console gaming is going this year. Common complaint: Not enough time. In the Mushrooms, we bid farewell to a Disney icon, Disney Infinity, and Disney taking any risks.

The next episode is the inevitable - and possibly the last? - E3 preview show, so if you have any bets you want the crew to take, send them to us by the usual methods. The next record date is this coming Sunday, June 5, so think real fast.

This podcast was recorded on May 22 and was edited by Donald Theriault. For the record, that was the night Draymond Green hoofed a guy in the nuts.

NFR 78 Special: RahXephon

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