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Nintendo Free Radio 74: Hoshidan Alpha

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 74

We don't get hype or stay hype.

As the race to catch up before the fiscal year ends continues, we've got quite a bit to cover in this episode. Stephen's New Business is light with just a little bit of co-op Starcraft 2, as his birth in the world championships slips away. Donald has the biggest game of the episode in the form of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, including the sudden realization that this is probably going to be his answer to Final Fantasy X for Austen a couple of years ago (though there are a few brief mentions thrown in). Austen is still telling his Digimon Story, but the Cyber Sleuth is upstaged by a rather stacked Prince of Darkness. (Surpisingly, he's not weak to wind, but he is stacked.) Austen has also been wrangling Paper Toads in Mario and Luigi Paper Jam, but has an understated aquatic racer Riptide GP2 as a tribute to the then-unemployed Kyke Bosman.

Whatcha Watchin' has the usual round of superhero tomfoolery, followed by Stephen coming up with the unpronouncable and as-of-yet undubbed Concrete Revoluio (knock it off, spellcheck). Donald got around to watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala, which seems to have forgotten something small - like a functioning atomic bomb. In other unexpected bursts of energy, Austen punched through the Angelic Layer and found some pretty illogical things waiting on the other side.

It's another Big Block o' Cheese Day in the Feature, as Microsoft's console plans, Sony firmwares and a discussion of potential Japan/US relations serve as the warmup for a rapid-fire breakdown of this month's Nintendo Direct that Donald's still not sure he saw everything in. The Mushrooms are so extreme Austen's main recorder broke as we debut the Weird Mushroom and Donald's giving a Poison to a mainline Pokémon game.

Episode 75 will be a hair shorter, but we want to know what's after that, so drop us an email or tweet @nfrpodcast to let us know anything we should cover.

This podcast was recorded on March 5 and was edited by Donald Theriault. The editor would also like to congratulate friend/former financier of the show Ryan M on his impending nuptuals.


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