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Nintendo Free Radio 60: Lynched By The Lizards

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Starring squid kids, fireworks and a man dressed like a bat.

Please note: The show was recorded on July 5, and as such does not touch on the events of July 11. We will address the passing of Satoru Iwata on the next show, but hope we can give you a bit of happiness in the meantime.

The first show recorded after E3 is always a wild one, and 2015's post E3 show is no exception. In New Business, Donald has some rapid-fire impressions of the Nindies @ Home games and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D from the man who thought the original was the GOTY in 2012. However, the big story is that Donald has finally become a kid now (or a squid now, we can't tell) and both he and Austen embedded themselves on opposite sides of Splatoon's Splatfest I: The Fur Has Flown. After the mandatory Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate segment, Stephen decides to blow up a little bit of the Earth in a July 4 revisit of Fantavision, before blowing up the rest of the planet in Fallout: New Vegas. Game breaking bugs presumably not included, thanks to four and a half years of community QA. Speaking of things that could've used some QA, Austen has been getting his Batsune Miku on in Batman: Arkham City (SPOILERS FROM 57:50 TO 1:04:51) and some rapid fire quick hits that include the return of the greatest trailer in gaming history.

The biggest fear with the post E3 show is with no Whatcha Watchin' for six weeks, it gets a little... crazy. And so it goes, with Stephen hitting SciFi's recent original Ascension by way of DUN DUN DUN and a Parks and Rec chaser. Donald finished off his own government show, but the stakes are a little higher when you're in The West Wing. Thankfully, Last Week Tonight provides a modern perspective on many of the same themes and has a British person. Austen fires through a load of insanity with Nobunagun and two seasons of SPAAAACE in Knights of Sidonia, while keeping things grounded with Pixar's perpetual bridesmaid Inside Out.

We got Listener Mail this week, and it wasn't from our friend Thomas, so we tackle “stumble on” games that we might have missed back in the day. Then, it's a Lightning Round of post-E3 chatter as we cover Nintendo's recent investor QA, NOA PR repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot (and this is before the Devil's Third incident), and Batman: Arkham Knight's troubled PC release. The Mushrooms cover off cord hell, security updates making things extremely inconvenient, and Donald's amazing July 4 weekend.

Next episode will feature our thoughts on the passing of Satoru Iwata and more – including possibly the annual summer Top 5 games list, time depending. We'd love to hear from you for either one, so send them to, leave a comment here or send a Twitter message to @nfrpodcast. Until we meet again... can we really understand?

This podcast was recorded on July 5, and was edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. All clips used under fair use protection.


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