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Nintendo Free Radio 59: Expect Endless Explosions

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 59

Fight through the space zombies and you too will find our E3 predictions. And some of them haven't been proven wrong yet!

Like the flu, E3 comes around once a year and you can only inoculate yourself against it. Nintendo Free Radio starts the healing process with New Business as usual, though Donald's review game Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven is a bit unusual for its tag cloud of bowling, maids and Valkyria Chronicles. Donald and Stephen then knock off a couple of RPG updates with Puzzle and DragonZ and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate before we kick off a round of Wild and Crazy Kids with Splatoon. (For the record, Donald's copy arrived the day this posted.) Austen did have to make the choice of kid v squid, but he also provides his updates on The Evil Within and The Witcher 3 before marathoning ALL UNITS... except Wars and Reach... in the now-larger Halo: Master Chief Collection.

Following the break, Whatcha Watchin' takes its annual pre-3 vacation for an extended Feature in which we predict every E3 digital event and otherwise. Though to be fair, NOBODY could predict the Oculus gong show, so we didn't even try. The format involves some neck-sticking, and some of the predictions have already been proven right (Dishonored 2!) while others are already wrong (Scalebound). We also have a round of listener predictions and some last Nintendo questions. After that, it's a serving of Mushrooms as Austen finds the new home of noted bot Wario64, Stephen wants a feature and Donald is POed at Sony for a reason you can probably guess.

The next show is the E3 wrap, which is going to get a very rapid turnaround - but you'll have a few days to get YOUR comments into the usual sources (leave them below, email us or tweet @NFRPodcast). See you on the other side.

This podcast was recorded on June 6 and was edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. All music and clips used under fair use. Prepare for a salt overdose.


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