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Nintendo Free Radio 58: The Shook-Parken Fillibuster

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At least one of the causes should be done.

Spend the end of your Memorial Day with a Nintendo Free Radio that may last until the next one! Three weeks of New Business kicks off with Donald's newest obsession, the Puzzle and Dragons 2-pack. It would actually come back around, in fact. After an update on Shovel Knight across two platforms and just as many cheat codes, the time comes for Donald to confront his worst fear - Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains. Amazingly, his NWR review isn't the lowest for the game on Metacritic anymore. After a couple of updates, Austen and Stephen command the floor for the game that turns normal podcasters into Maechens, Bloodborne. It's long, and we're pretty sure it actually managed to cover ground left uncovered by other shows. Austen's keeping on the masochistic RPG train with The Witcher 3, and finds the downgrade concerns to be highly overblown. Finally, a parade of shooters ends with Stephen outsourcing his New Business again as the whole family took a ride on the Splatoon train - though Stephen's more interested in the 8-bit action.

Even with Donald bowing out, Whatcha Watchin' also has a lot of catching up to do. Stephen's Netflix queue introduced him to the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, while he inoculated Hulu with Naruto SD: Rock Lee and Friends. Then, it's all the superheroics our Archie-loving editor could stand as the NWR movie/TV threads get summarized by the Supergirl trailer, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Arrow and The Flash. Finally, Austen shows his softer side a bit by looking at the number one film of the weekend, Disney's Tomorrowland.

A quick Feature covers off some of the news of the week, including Konami, Nintendo v SquareEnix in the battle of who could care less, amusement parkery and... Valve? Finally, Stephen makes up for lost time in the Mushrooms, while Austen is not too thrilled with an old friend and Donald has apparently missed his appointment with Mrs. Landingham.

Next episode is ALL E3, ALL THE TIME BAYBEE! And we want to hear from you now that no less than seven companies and a concept are all vying for your frothing demand, so drop us an email, tweet your comments and hype train boarding passes to @nfrpodcast or leave a comment below. Until next time, Donald has some eggs to turn into Rare Candies...

This podcast was recorded on May 23 and was edited by Donald Theriault. All music and clips used under fair use and for context of discussion.


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