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Nintendo Free Radio 56: This Week In Necessary Censorship

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 56

Believe us, it's for everyone's good that we don't talk about... that game...

A shockingly *redacted* couple of weeks in gaming leads us to another episode of Nintendo Free Radio. On the New Business front, Stephen has the *redacted* round of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, with a great breakthrough. Donald's doing a *redacted* boxing in BoxBoy for 3DS, and then returns to SPAAAAAACE with the *redacted* cheap Affordable Space Adventures. Austen dips into the nostalgia bag with Donkey Kong 64 and finds it *redacted* very well, which could also apply to an update on Final Fantasy Type-0 that's as *redacted* as promised. Finally, something that had to be *redacted* as Austen also enjoyed (?) the terror of The Evil Within.

For Whatcha Watchin', Donald leads off with the infamous *redacted* anime Ghost Stories before Stephen and Austen take an extended look at *redacted* attempt to infect Netflix with Daredevil. Finally, Austen enjoys the *redacted* sci-fi of Farscape.

Now that *redacted* season is upon us, there was an extended bout of lightning in the Feature, which covers *redacted* DLC, sales of both the NPD and *redacted* variety, and... David Lynch? For the Mushrooms, it's *redacted* as everyone had the infamous "sub-Poison" to talk about. Also on the docket: ZZ Top. Yep.

Next time around we'll have a guest in the form of our emailer, Monster Hunter and housing savior. Now, we're not saying if you email nintendofreeradio at gmail dawt com or tweet @NFRPodcast you'll get to be on the show, but it'll *redacted*. Also, Donald led off the last episode of Nintendo World Report's Connectivity before its reboot talking hockey, so go check it out.


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