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Nintendo Free Radio 55: Bringing The Noise Directly To You

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 55

We're out from under the backlog, finally.

Now that everything seems to be (mostly) settled in the editing bay, we present an abbreviated edition of Nintendo Free Radio. Stephen has a quick Monster Hunter update for New Business, while Donald brings tales of miracles in Smash Bros (which can be viewed here) and how not to applaud Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars. Austen has a lot of business to attend to, including a trip back to the past in Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures for Wii U, an update on Sunset Overdrive's final DLC that is one fragile eagle from a Donald auto-buy, and hits some of the character elements of a major PS4 RPG of March... we're talking about Final Fantasy Type-0, not MYSTIC QUEST. He's not a fool.

The main thing watched this week is the Nintendo Direct, so after a brief Zelda delay chat it's straight into the Feature to talk Direct. Everything from SMT x FE and Fatal Frame's existence to the Virtual Console to Mario Kart brought to you by From Software is on the menu. And then there's the Mushrooms, which land on vehicle trouble, a tribute to another dead Canadian retailer, and more Robotech teases. Stay tuned after the outro for a bit of non-Thomas listener mail and something completely abhorrent.

Be sure to check out Donald's recent appearance on Radio Free Nintendo, and drop us a line - we promise if it's good there'll be no mockery. Leave it below, tweet @nfrpodcast or email nintendofreeradio at gmail dawt com. Until next time, please understand.

This podcast was recorded on April 4 and was edited by Donald Theriault. All audio provided under fair use provisions. Stephen doesn't actually need four new cars, but if you want to share the wealth...


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