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Nintendo Free Radio 46: There Are Four Lights

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 46

Live from Mossdeep City, it's the segment nobody asked for!

The fall marches on, but we still had time to squeeze a few more words out of your friendly neighborhood editor before the deluge of November. New Business opens with Stephen following up last episode's odd Netflix selection of Wakfu by playing the massively multiplayer SRPG that inspired it. A brief Smash 3DS update gives the crew an excuse to go over the 50+ Things That Make Smash 3DS Obsolete special, and then Stephen doubles back to finish with a Tales of Graces f update. Donald has another demo to talk about in the form of the special Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire demo of no MegaSteelix before starting a two-part exploration of Platinum with the thing they took to keep the lights on, Legend of Korra. Austen wrapped Alien Isolation and after some ultra-violent brief things, needed to unwind... with Peggle 2, of all things. Cue screaming.

Following Now Posted, the rumor was Whatcha Watchin' would be brief. And if you believe that, you also believe it's about [censored]. On tap; Stephen's Devil is a Part Timer, Deadman Wonderland and Arrow, Austen's The Flash and Heavenly Sword while Donald passed for time.

Well, time and the feature. In an effort to get Donald to have something on the waveform, we opened the floor to all of you for an Ask Me Anything segment. And some of you actually delivered. As a result, there's a near-half hour of grilling Donald on subjects far and wide. For time reasons, we had to cut a few questions, which Donald helpfully took to the blog to answer. Following that, it's an extra large helping of Mushrooms because some returning champions done goofed hard.

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This podcast was recorded on October 26 and edited by Donald Theriault. All music/clips used under fair use provisions. Bayonetta 2 ended up digital for reasons we would prefer to not get into.


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