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Nintendo Free Radio 44: The Active Time Rhythm

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 44

Alternate Title: "Destiny Loot Leaves Stephen Shook"

Gird your loins and get your buttons/stylus/what have you ready, as NFR kicks it old school. In New Business, Donald leads off with discussion of Theathrythm Curtain Call, the blown out version of an early NFR favorite, which dovetailed into a discussion of Final Fantasy XV: What Is Love when the internet randomly crapped out during recording. Although the full game is out right now, all we had at recording time was the demo of Super Smash Bros 4 (3DS), so you get limited early impressions of the game so powerful it needs a system rev to handle it. Stephen's only been playing one thing, and you'll be stunned at the issues Destiny had. Austen has a few quick hitters, but the main game he played for reasons clear at the end is Wii U Indie Puzzle Platformer With Unique Artstyle (tm Player One Podcast) Teslagrad. The results will definitely shock you.

Following a congratulatory Now Posted, there's a heavy Whatcha Watchin' component as well. Stephen leaves his co-hosts in a James Jones position while discussing Slugterra, before showing that Donald is not the only Idiot Abroad and getting in a NBC-approved Food Fight. Donald's participation in this segment has usually been Pointless, but he did bring Madoka Magica back for a full drubbing. Austen meanwhile, has wrapped up Cardcaptor Sakura and entered the tenth layer of hell - phone tech support - in The Devil Was A Part-Timer.

Since the feature had to be saved for the end, it's right into the Mushrooms from there as we slam acquisitions, discontinuations, and lazy localizations. We don't ask for it to come that way, but we work with what we're given.

As for the feature... since the show was a) going to run past our time limit, and b) contained a lot of things not really appropriate for a clean show, our discussion of Danganronpa 2 was actually spun into a separate podcast that MIGHT be familiar to listeners of other Nintendo World Report shows. You can find us and Tyler Ohlew discussing Donald's Game of 3/4 Of The Year right here.

This podcast was recorded on September 28, and was edited by Donald Theriault. All music and clips copyright their respective owners and used under fair use protection.

Nintendo Free Radio 44 Feature: The Truth Bullet Club

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 44

As so often happens, when you have a good discussion you want to make it its own release. And that's exactly what happened when Tyler Ohlew, owner/operator of Stick It In Your Pocket, took some time to join Stephen and Austen in grilling Donald on why this game is his 3/4 Game of the Year. Stunning revelations abound in this distubing, distressing, despairing... class trial.

This podcast was recorded on October 1, was edited by Donald Theriault, and may also appear on episode 153 of Nintendo World Report Connectivity. Unlike a normal NFR show, the podcast is uncensored and contains extremely mature themes. Listener discretion is strongly advised.


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