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The Black Knight hides no longer

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 41

OK, the video link at the end of the last post didn't work, so here's the working one.

And as a bonus, here's Black Knight in action.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Nintendo Free Radio 41: Dramatic Eating of Potato Chips

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 41

Wait, Austen's playing WHAT???

A historic episode of Nintendo Free Radio awaits your ears this week, in more ways than one. Donald Galactic Punts New Business to start off, as he actually finished Persona 4 Golden, but finds the Golden-added content to be slightly tarnishing. Needing a break from all that, he dives headlong into the 2014 Club Nintendo Platinum reward Game and Wario, which spirals off into a discussion of the Platinum and Gold selections - and if you're still waiting for the last minute to decide, that minute's coming. Austen picks up from there with Kirby Triple Deluxe and finds...


*rubs eyes*, that's not a typo. Austen played a Kirby game. In order to maintain his cred, he also played Vita indie rougelike Rogue Legacy and finds it to be far better than Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, though we damn with faint praise. For reasons that will be clear in the Mushrooms, Stephen has had other things to deal with, so he leads the whole crew including the dry Donald into an extended look at the Destiny "beta".

After Now Posted's full, glorious return Whatcha Watchin' takes another turn for the weird. Donald caustions the group that Sharknado 2 is barely worth a New York minute, while Stephen's possessed Netflix queue landed on harem (Tenchi Muyo GXP), space (Knights of Sidonia) and classic (Death Note). Austen also took a trip to space with Star Trek: TNG (Season 3) and is better for the experience after the Blu-Ray transfer.

After an extended Listener Mail (which you can read in full here), the crew looks at some recent gaming controversies - though really, is there any other kind of news in gaming - touching on things like games as a service, preorder DLC, adblockers and the apparent Kotaku<->Polygon personality swap. A heavy set of Mushrooms wraps as Stephen and Austen take different tracks to discussing tough life situations, while Donald just wants some damn folders.

With Gamescom coming, there's bound to be some things to talk about, so why not drop us an email at nintendofreeradio at gmail dot com if something catches your eye?

This podcast was recorded on August 3 and was edited by Donald Theriault. All music is used under fair use protection. Earthbound and Mandatory Fun is the best entertainment combo you can get for twenty bucks if you haven't paid the Black Knight everything yet..

Listener Mail: Eight Episodes of Corrections

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 41

After the break - or just below - is the full text of listener mails from Thomas from Halifax, which would be too long to discuss on the show as sent in.

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