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Nintendo Free Radio 31: Oui Are Ghost

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 31

There was a feature here. It's gone now. Please understand.

Into every life a little podcast must fall - for certain definitions of little. Nintendo Free Radio is back with a brisk jaunt through the world of games, starting in New Business with Donald's first non-douche early impressions of Tales of Xillia. After that, come along to the Pokemon Bank and marvel at the service's eerie similarities to (insert crap bank of choice here) before skating away at extreme speeds in OlliOlli. Austen keeps the handheld train rolling with Everyday Shooter, then transitions into Vita puzzler Surge Deluxe and cross-platform psychoanalysis program Doki Doki Universe, before taking aim at villianry in episode 2 of Telltale's Wolf Among Us. Stephen, not to be outdone, takes another crack at Walking Dead and finds the rarest specimen of all: A platform where Walking Dead exists WITHOUT game-breaking bugs.

We always think Whatcha' Watchin is going to be short, then the recording happens. Donald has brief impressions on perennial NFR favourite Steins;Gate, Austen follows up on Clannad with the postscript Clannad:Love Story and finds out that Justice League: War is good for absolutely nothing before finding something decent to watch in Kokoro Connect. Speaking of decency, Stephen continues to make the tragic mistake of leaving his selections up to the horndog Netflix algorithim, as his contribution is the "life" laden Sekirei.

We swear, this time around the Feature Discussion was going to blow your mind, make you change your pants and lead to Mother 3 on Virtual Console. Unfortunately, Iwata chose to cash in the Please Understand contract right after recording, so the crew gathered immediately following the February 13 Nintendo Direct for a round of off-the-cuff impressions. Find out how much Donald spent that day (a lot), if Stephen's on the X bandwagon (maybe?) and if Nintendo going free-to-play is sinking to new depths. Finally, the Mushrooms have a farewell to podcasts, a call to action, and a tribute to... high speed network cable. Yeah, it's been that kind of week.

Next time 'round we're going to be emptying out the listener mailbag, so be sure to get your questions in to - or leave them below. Until next time, consider this... can love bloom on a baseball diamond?

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