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Nintendo Free Radio 26: He Stole My Humpty

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Recovered from 25 yet? Too bad, here comes another one.

In the last episode of Nintendo Free Radio before the next-gen stragglers drag their systems smoking to the finish line, we offer warnings and advice for the future. A largely handheld-focused New Business is led off by the vanguard of the handheld master race, as Donald opens with the explorative platforming of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate. Beware of homicidal renegades and - if you're like Austen and playing the Vita version, game-ending bugs. Donald follows up with the cathartic handheld murder simulator, Hotline Miami (PS Vita version), which may help him clean his fridge for Soul Sacrifice in a most unusual fashion. We hope you don't have any objections to the brief mention of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Duel Destinies, since it came out a short time before recording. Stephen picks up Donald's Poke-torch as the best way to handle demonic swords in Pokemon Y is discussed, before Austen surprises everyone with a look at Donkey Kong Country Returns (IN 3D~). Finally, Austen brings it home with future Vita (and some mobile phone platform nobody cares about) adventure game, The Wolf Among Us. Is there a chance Telltale could get Austen's GOTY 2 years in a row?

Whatcha Watchin... how would we describe that? Well, let's just hit the content: Stephen has more food reality with The Next Great Baker and oddball sci-fi with Iron Sky, Austen has Sakura Wars: The Movie and Last Exile: Fam The Silver Wing, and Donald's watched more Looney Tunes than should be allowed by law.

There's two parts to the Feature this week, as our first frequent contributer Pete asks about who should go indie, and we debate briefly just what the hell that means. In part 2, we pull SquareEnix out of the Mushrooms with a look at their Final Fantasy Committee, whether the series needs saving, and what they can do to try and stop bleeding money. Think we're crazy? Email us and tell us! ( Finally, it's another round of Mushrooms with a construction update, laments over game delays... and an unexpected guest appearance that will blow your mind.

The next time we talk, the PS4 will be out, and there might be some actual journalism on that episode. We know, we're shocked too. Also, it's coming up on that magical time of year when Nintendo World Report does it live for Child's Play, and we are going to be involved... so once the page goes up, get to donating. It's for the kids, y'see.

This podcast was edited by Donald Theriault. All music and clips are used for discussion and clarification purposes under Fair Use provision. The cold lasted over a week.


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