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Nintendo Free Radio 23: The 0.1 Percent

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 23

STILL not as delayed as Rayman Legends was!

There are three metaphysical certainties in gaming: Nintendo is doomed, a certain open-world game will get 10s undeservedly and... NFR will eventually release. This time around in New Business, Stephen doubles back to current AGOTY (Austen Game of the Year) Tomb Raider, and may not be as generous in his ranking of the game at the end of the year. Austen tries his hand at solo co-op in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons before turning his attention to a couple of under-the-radar platformers, Castle of Illusion HD (PS3 version) and Rayman Legends (Vita). Donald can indeed dig it sucka, as he proves with the 3DS's newest indie megahit SteamWorld Dig, but saves his effusive praise for a somewhat larger purchase... and apparently triggered Sony to go completely insane the night after the recording. (We'll talk about those announcements on the next show. Also, you're welcome.)

Now Posted has updates on the unnecessary search for forum replacements, followed by the shortest Whatcha Watchin' in quite a while. Stephen revisits the dead-before-its-time Alphas, Donald continues the theme of underground hits with Gurren Lagann, and Austen sticks around for the final act of Inuyasha. Yeah, that's it.

Since Nintendo decided to announce a bunch of stuff right after 22 recorded, we had to cover it - and unlike other outlets, we don't bury the lede. The Feature discussion covers the WiiU price drop in somewhat heavy detail, with a side of 2DS and some PS4/Xbone chasers. Finally, the Mushrooms have the very rare Double Mushroom, the trouble with Kickstarters and A NEW CAR~!

Have any mail for us, hate or otherwise? Send it to - and until next time, BUY RETRO/GRADE. We need to cure some depression.

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