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Nintendo Free Radio Episode 20: Have Fun, Kids!

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Aslyums, Borderlands, Sharknadoes and Other Disasters

As far as podcasts go, this is a short one - but one packed full of juicy content. New Business is inaugurated by Donald's jumping headlong into the Open World insanity of Saints Row The Third, a land where Havok physics are abused beyond recognition. Scared witless by this, he then retreats to the relative safety of 2013's most massive crossover, Project Cross (or X) Zone, a game that doesn't attempt to live up to Fire Emblem but will inevitably draw comparisons. Austen is buried under piles of editing and guns in Gearbox's Borderlands 2, a game that is almost worth getting sued over. Stephen wraps the segment with the g-d Batman in Batman: Arkham Aslyum before closing with some harsh words for former Retroactive winner Metroid II: Return of Samus.

After an actually informative Now Posted segment, Whatcha Watchin' is even more massive than before. Donald has former and current reality shows in WWE NXT and MasterChef, before bringing us the movie event of 2013... Sharknado. Austen has some caped crusader action of his own with the Beware the Batman premier, as well as one hell of an action packed double feature with White House Down and Guillermo del Toro's love letter to mecha anime, Pacific Rim. Stephen gets a little animated near the end as he and Austen tear into Despicable Me 2.

In the Feature Discussion, the Lightning Round boomerangs its way back into the conversation, with topics hitting all three console manufacturers and PC as well as general gaming trends. Subjects such as incompetent PR, zombies, and the effect of Playstation Plus beyond giving people lots of free games are put under the five-minute microscope. A melancholy set of Mushrooms brings the show to a close with reflections on the passing of Ryan Davis, as well as tanking in sports and bad computers.

Next show will mark one year since we started Nintendo Free Radio, and we couldn't do it without the knowledge that you're listening - so drop us an email, will ya? The address is, and here's something to chew on - what's your most anticipated game coming out before the end of the year and why?

This podcast was edited by Austen Parkin, Donald Theriault and Stephen Shook. All music contained within is used under Fair Use protection.


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