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Nintendo Free Radio 19: History Will Be Made

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Whether it's our longest show since the first one or actual Listener Mail, the apocalypse is nigh

Radio Free Nintendo might've taken the weekend off, but that just means you can listen to NFR if your ears stopped ringing from the fireworks (North America only).

First off is New Business, and make no bones about it - this one is Xbone-sized. We've got: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, The Last of Us, Remember Me, Metroid Other M, Super Ghouls and Ghosts, Thomas Was Alone, Runner 2, New Super Luigi U and KERSPLOOSH! It's so many games we had to forego the puns to keep the show post under a page!

After Now Posted makes you question your own sanity, Whatcha Watchin goes even farther down the rabbit hole with Stephen's menagerie of Continuum, Scooby Doo Mystery Inc., the Penny Arcade Strip Search (not what you're thinking)… and Equestria Girls (it might be what your thinking). Donald, a known fan of monsters, steps up to Monster and ponders its Del Toro-fueled fate, while Austen beams into Star Trek Into (or is it into? Wikipedia's not clear) Darkness and a whole mess of animated BluRays.

In a very special Double Feature, the crew is forced to confront what brought them together while pondering the listener question of "Why do you play Nintendo games"? After that, E3 is tackled one more time a few weeks out, as they look back at the Xbone's 180 and wonder if gamers have an advocate anymore. A fresh crop of Mushrooms ends the marathon with more Bethesda trouble (Donald's article is here:, Stephen's musical talent, and an ice cold NBA Draft.

Steps will be taken to ensure shorter shows - but if you'd like to combat those plans, why not drop us an email? Send it to - and until next time, watch out for that mutagen!

This podcast was edited by Austen Parkin, Donald Theriault and Stephen Shook. All music contained within is used under Fair Use protection.


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