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Nintendo Free Radio Episode 18: Nobody Expects the Xbone Inquisition!

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It's E3 hype time! But first, games!

Get in, sit down, and hold on - it's an extra-large even by our standards edition of Nintendo Free Radio, and we're joined by special guest/banhammer wielder JP Corboran! JP throws out the first pitch in New Business with the only good baseball series since Ken Griffey went to Cincy, MLB The Show 13 in varieties both standard and Vita. He then hops over to the WiiU with the eShop exclusive Kung Fu Rabbit, and you carrot believe what the panel thinks about bringing an iOS game to the WiiU. JP closes out with a game that's been a bone of contention for us in the past, Metroid Prime - only this time, the opinions might actually be positive! Nevertheless, Stephen then kicks it old school with the original explorative platformer, Super Metroid. Run, don't crawl to check out this review.

Austen threatened/promised something at the end of 17, but first he talks about the other, other Bionic Commando game on PS3 (the 2009, retail, insert-nasty-spoiler-here version) and since it's Austen we have the whole Vita playing Population, we have to talk a AAA Vita game in the form of Soul Sacrifice. But of course, you came for his thoughts on Swery's wacky, barely playable drama Deadly Premonition, in which a noted reviewer and commentator is recommended for drug testing. Finally, it's (reference deleted due to Nintendo copyright) as Donald has the newest game of the bunch, Donkey Kong Country Returns (IN 3-D!) Is he going ape, or are the controls still funky like a monkey?

As usual, Now Posted brings its own brand of insanity before we dive into the realm of Whatcha Watchin'. JP learns the joys of people who have never been in Donald's kitchen during a marathon of Cheers, while Stephen brings the odd assortment of Cold Diggers, Doctor Who (sadly, Hugh Laurie will *not* be the 12th Doctor), Ben 10 and Tron Uprising. Austen has a follow-up on Tiger & Bunny, as well as a series from the Steins;Gate producers with just as many grammatical (and otherwise) atrocities - Chaos;HEAd. No, that is not a typo (back off, Clippy).

You might notice that Donald's not in the last paragraph, largely for editing-related reasons, but that's also because the only thing he watched was the Xbox One (hereafter referred to as the Xbone) reveal, which provides a handy springboard to the Feature and we look ahead to E3. What will the fate of the Xbone and PS4 be, and what can Nintendo do to stem the tide? Plus, special advice from JP, who had the advantage of actually attending the show and providing some tips for those of you attempting to sneak into the LACC this year. Finally, the Mushrooms hate on the future of humanity, meeting software and spam filters before JP provides news to pull us all from the Darkest Timeline.

We hope to have a show up for the end of E3 week looking at the press conferences and a regular show shortly after. Until next time, say hi to NORM~ for us.

This podcast was edited by Austen Parkin, Donald Theriault and Stephen Shook. All music contained within is used under Fair Use protection. The people responsible for screwing up JP Corboran's audio have been sacked. Please understand.


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