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Nintendo Free Radio 14: Whatever Floats Your Hubba Tester

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Donald hates Majora, Stephen hates editing, Austen hates pronouncing "Lara", and we all hate YOU*.

Sit right back as we take you on a three hour tour through the world of video games and other foo-fa-rah. Stephen takes the lead on New Business as the whole group dove into Fire Emblem: Awakening to certain extents (mostly to get the DLC) and they talk about the good, bad and Lunatic+ of the unexpectedly hot-selling strategy RPG. After that, Stephen and Austen provide updates on their Ni no Kuni experience with that darn Mr. Drippy. Donald follows up with a very controversial "trip down the hill of quality" starting with Persona 4 (PS2 version), following up with Final Fantasy VIII (PS1 classic) and finishing with... MAJORA'S MASK? After resisting the urge to strangle his co-host, Austen discusses the two major early March releases - the colon-cancer causing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate and the Lara (or Laura) protection game Tomb Raider.

After a rambunctious Now Posted segment, the TV talk goes intergalactic with Stephen's update on Star Trek, ending Next Generation, starting the original series and hitting... the ANIMATED series? Donald brings back the mid-90s animation with The Critic, and Austen has the triple header of Wreck-It Ralph, Reboot and Tiger and Bunny.

The Feature promises to be controversial as at least two of the hosts take aim at annoying fanbases (guess who plays Switzerland and win the NFR No-Prize). What makes you want to slap members of a fanbase? Find out that, as well as the franchise that killed Sega, and if you want to take umbrage with any of the comments, send an email to and we'll address them on a future show. Finally, the Mushrooms take aim at gaming media both good and bad, as well as a little medical drama.

This podcast was edited by Stephen Shook. All music used in this episode is under Fair Use protection.

*some exclusions may apply**

**Well I don't hate you

Editor Note: Revised version of this episode is now uploaded, featuring rebalanced audio and some additional sound effects. Thank you for your patience.  Austen will be editing that next episode and he has some hidden plans so look forward to that.


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