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Nintendo Free Radio Episode 13: Not Knowingly Out-Snarked

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You want us to talk about used games when Iwata's going on camera with a Luigi hat on?

The best laid plans of mice and men have led to the 13th episode of Nintendo Free Radio. Donald opens New Business with his own Last Story impressions. No bananas were used, but it's the closest thing  you'll get to a Final Fantasy in "HD" for a while. Next, the long string of questionably-legal fan remakes of Nintendo properties in Canada continues with the free-to-play rhythm game OSU! (relax folks, we're running out of Killer Instinct combo descriptors) before Donald wraps with the game Halbred was created for, Atlus's 3DS brawler Code of Princess. Stephen takes over with an extended look at the PS3's biggest exclusive JRPG in a long time, the controversial (in more ways than one) Ni no Kuni, before Austen wraps with Ubisoft's other late 2012 FPS Far Cry 3 and the final version of Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time. Beware the figure skating bearrorists from the 'Hood. No, we're not making that last part up.

Since there's actual content to talk about, Now Posted returns from a brief hiatus leading into Whatcha Watchin'. Donald has an actual GOOD network comedy to talk about as he attends the most messed-up school Netflix has to offer (Community), while Stephen gets a little political with House of Cards and a Next Generation update. Austen is, as usual, animate-y and totally insane-y with the LONG-awaited Animaniacs v. 4 and Duck Tales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp DVDs.

The original plan for the week's Feature Discussion was some waffling about what would happen with  used games on the PS4 and whatever-the-next-Xbox-is, but then Nintendo launched a blue shell into those plans with the 3DS Nintendo Direct. Needless to say, this could not go by undiscussed. Are you ready to hear us wax on about the Ear of Weegee? After that, jump back in time to the Mushrooms for an extended discussion of the Rayman Legends delay (this was before the April demo was announced), as well as congratulations to a couple of groups that don't always get love from the panel.

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