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Nintendo Free Radio Episode 11: Hypocritical Shaymin

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A 3.5 Hour Podcast after Returning from the Christmas Break?! It must be the Will of Stein's Gate!

For the first cast of the New Year, Nintendo Free Radio enforced their resolution by bringing on a forum guest for the whole show. Stephen, Austen and Donald are joined by Remus "RazorKid" Harris for a Longcat-Sized New Business. Remus brings the love for classic Carroll with Alice: Madness Returns, modern platforming in Rayman Origins, and the taste of flesh with ZombiiU. Donald picks up the baton of the undead with Glitch... Walking Dead (XBLA) and fires off his Christmas bounty before the unexpected golden shower of New Super Mario Bros 2.

Austen goes to town with Eh-pic Meh-ckey 2 and gives us a Disaster: Day of Crisis update (bearrorist threat level: red) before visiting the butcher in adventure game/dating sim Pandora's Tower and dropping a Vita doubleshot of Little Big Planet and DJMax Technica Tune. Stephen ends the round by providing the Western interpretation of giant robots in MechWarrior Online, wiping out Danica Patrick in Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed and takes notes on EscapeVektor and Gunman Clive, before answering the most important question of all: What is this thing that took up the Vita's 15 minutes at Sony's E3 2012 show, the Wonderbook?

If you survive past Now Posted, or became part of the undead in the process, the second half loads up on 80s and 90s nostalgia. Whatcha Watchin' opens with Remus's classic cartoon duo of Bobby's World and Akagi as well as touching base on 80s cartoons (cowabunga!), while Donald has the legend of Bo Jackson and survived Christmas at Ground Zero with the two good Home Alones and nerd blackface sitcom Big Bang Theory. Stephen boldly goes where nobody has gone before with Star Trek: The Next Generation and shows that sometime it's better to get money for nothing with Undercover Boss, while Austen goes Back In Time with Steins;Gate (yes, that spelling is correct) and doesn't Start The Fire with Shakugan no Shana Season 2 (tempting though it might be). An unexpectedly heated Feature Discussion springs from Remus's simple question: How has gaming changed for you since you were a kid? As usual, the Mushrooms provide the seventh course of this podcast feast, with hatred for GOTY selections and excessive hype balanced by a side of Christmas and film restoration love.

You can send your feedback by email to, leave a comment here or hit the hosts on Twitter (@donaldmick, @cericme, @broodwars64 and the guest @remus.harris). We're always looking for volunteers for the fourth chair, so let one of the regulars know if you're interested! But we will warn you... a long cast is LONG.

This show was edited by Austen Parkin and Stephen Shook. All music used under Fair Use permission.

NOTE: After receiving feedback on the original version of this episode, we have made adjustments to the audio mix & replaced the old episode with this new one. We hope you enjoy it!


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