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No Freetime 109: Emotional Consequences of Podcasting

Posted by nintendofreeradio in Episode 109

Can't sleep, out of control Dad will eat me.


No time to talk, the editor has a plane to catch.

New Business: Dying games, Star Wars: Empire at War, Monster Hunter World, God of War 2018 (mild spoilers), Ni no Kuni II: The Search For More Money


Whatcha Watchin': Infinity War (because someone had to), High School D+D, the, um, interesting lineup offered by Amazon Prime in Canada, Reboot 2018, Frank & Ollie, Muppet Guys Talking


Feature: A news catchup

Listener Mail? YES!

Mushrooms: Donald's continued feud with The Sandman, Stephen has praise for the PS4's account system (????) and Austen's on TV!


Recording date: May 6

Editor: Donald

Next episode: The Contractual Obligation Album of the year. Send your predictions for what was once a trade show but is now Devolver owning everyone before the weekend.


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